Opening of a Multi Speciality Hospital for the poor in Bihar

By Sanjay Sah

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          My name is Sanjay Sah. I am active Health Activist in Bihar which has a very pathetic and disorganized Public Health Care System with shortage of health care infrastructure, qualified doctors and professional medical personnel. There is a inaccessibility and unavailability of affordable healthcare. We hear everyday the horrible stories of deaths due to negligence and malpractice have become such a part of the folklore that people are afraid to go to Primary Health Centres. Innocent patients are trapped by private hospitals that charge exorbitant amounts of money in return for very low-quality services. Major disease like Leprosy, Malaria, TB, Kala azar, Dengue, Filariasis, Diarrhoea, Hepatitis, Polio and  HIV/AIDS are making people's life further miserable. There is a total lack of trust among people for the current health system.  The lack of a fully fledged functional health care system has a negative impact onthe people of Bihar, affecting them economically as well as in the quality of life they lead.

          Therefore, I have a registered a Non-profit Trust  named "Health Leprosy Mission" under Indian Trust Act,1882 with a aim to eliminate Leprosy, Skin Diseases, Tuberculosis, Vector borne diseases, Communicable disease, Water borne diseases and HIV/AIDS and I am raising funds to establish world class Multi speciality hospital to offer best healthcare service to the people of Bihar in affordable price especially for those residing in rural areas, the poor, elders, women and children. We hope to improve and strengthen the current health care system in Bihar.

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