No money is too small to save the life's of abandoned pets

By Ashish m Pillai

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I am coming from a small village in Kerala and in my community I have seen hundreds of pets abandoned on the roads starving with no food, water or shelter. And one day I saw a cat weak and helpless with no one to take care of her. So I brought her home and as it turned out she was pregnant with 2 beautiful babies. She gave birth to them and when I saw her kids open their eyes for the the first time that's when I knew that I needed to help all those helpless souls. Since then I have had 10 cats their 5 babies and 8 dogs and their 2 puppies to take care of but I can only provide all of them with food and its my goal to provide them with shelter and a home. So I am asking anyone there who can hear me to donate a little sum of money so that I can help every abandoned pets in our village and provide with the family they deserve. So please help them.

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