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After over two decades of Industry experience, at various Leadership positions, in some of the finest Organisations like Tata Consultancy Services.  During this long journey have developed a knack of Coaching/Mentoring my Juniors, Peers, Team Members and Seniors.  A couple of years back,  I have backed this experience with a professional Coaching Certification to make myself a Complete Certified Coach.  Since then have decided to pursue this as my acting profession by giving back to the Corporate world Coaching and Mentoring the Future Leaders, Mid-Senior Leaders, CXO's and startups.  To realise this dream On 1st of Jan'17 has incorporated Nirvedha.  

What separates two organisations which use similar Tools & Technologies, work on same theories and offer the same services?  Their Leaders! The people who take critical decisions and are at the helm of the organisation make it stands apart from other similar yet different organisations.  A Business Executive is as good as a Sportsperson or a Student who is intended to be successful, outperform and excel.  More so, here the stakes are very high as they lead teams & multi-million $ to multi-Billion $ businesses and to fail would have a larger impact.

 For an Executive, it is okay and healthy to reach out for help by way of engaging an executive coach who can partner and help the manager to reach his peak performance. We at Nirvedha, help Individuals, Executives, Leaders, Organisations, Startups to explore their inner potential, strength by scientifically proven methodologies to reach their peak performance. 

I am looking for funding to strengthen the Operations by onboarding 3-5 Coaches/Mentors, Marketing/Sales Personnel & Activities to take the Brand among the Corporates across the country.

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