Need help for Arun' s Pre-Term born Baby

By Arun Kumar

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Oxygen has been removed from Baby and now baby is breathing on self. Doctors started giving mother's milk through tubes.

Yesterday they did the LP (Lumbar puncture) blood test and found that there is meningitis. So the treatment would continue for another 10 more days.

Need your support in this critical time of need.

Request you to support us by sharing this post on your social networking sites and contribute as little as you can.

Thanks and regards

Arun Kumar

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Need help for Arun' s Pre-Term born Baby - story -1

Hello Friends and Well-wishers,

I am Arun Kumar working at Bank of America, Hyderabad, India as a Team Leader. This appeal goes out as a humble request to all our well wishers. On 6th of July’ 2017, we were blessed with a baby boy at Ankura Hospital for Women and Children, Begumpet, Hyderabad, India. But the boy was born as a pre-term 31 weeks baby with birth weight of 1.4 kgs. Baby developed respiratory distress soon after birth with grunting. The lungs were not completely matured for which he was shifted to NICU for further treatment.

The baby needs to be kept in NICU for 3 to 4 weeks at the same hospital. The NICU charges for single day is Rs.13000 excluding any medical investigations conducted and pharmacy bills. For medical Investigations and medicines hospital ise charging another Rs. 5-10K per day, summing up to Rs. 20000 approximately per day. As the baby need to be kept for minimum of 3 weeks (21 days), the total bill would come around 4-5 lakhs.

I hold Medical card from Vipul MedCorp but the Ankura Hospital does come under Network list of Hospitals. So we need to pay the hospital bills by cash. The sum insured is also only 2 Lakhs. We checked the option of moving the baby to another network list of Hospital where we can go cashless. But Doctors advised that moving baby in this critical situation is very risky and if we can take risk then they agreed to move the baby.  In this critical condition we cannot dare to move the baby and take risk, so kept the baby in the same hospital and continuing the treatment.

The Hospital bill for my Wife’s surgery is Rs. 58000 and bills for the baby till today is Rs. 1,30,000.  I have managed to arrange Rs.1.5 lakhs from personal savings, family members, friends, colleagues and by selling the gold we have and paid the bills for wife’s surgery, medicines and some part of the child’s bill till date. Now I am exhausted with all the sources of funds and no longer bear the cost of treatment of our child. Then while searching on Google, I came to know about this Fund Raising campaign and we are desperately seeking help through this forum. Now this is our only hope we have. Kindly help us generously to save our child to reach home safely and healthy.

I am attaching the Interim summary and Bill Estimate documents of the child and the copies of Bill which I already paid for my Wife's discharge.

Through this fund raising campaign we look forward to contributions that are very crucial, however it won’t be the amount contributed, but the mere gesture for which we will be most grateful and indebted for our lives.

Thanks a lot, God bless you all.


Arun Kumar

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