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In a peaceful village in Khurvasia, Uttar Pradesh, Pikli a five year old girl, face gleaming in enthusiasm, is led by her mother.  A new school bag hanging around her back. They stopped by a under constructed building, with an unmaintained ground.  “This is your school” Pikli’s mother told her pointing towards the building. Reality does not come easy as Pikli struggles to relate the school with the one she thought of going.  Her smile faded, and the more she struggled to understand, the more confused she got.As she enters the building, reality slowly sinks in. 

The beautifully colored classrooms are in fact raw brick walls. Table and chairs are replaced by few iron benches screaming with rust.  A blackboard with white chalks strewn below was the only reminiscent of a school.  As she nervously glanced around, other school children were jumping and playing oblivious that they were inside the most sacred temple – but even a temple needs an environment to pray.

Welcome to TN Education Academy, Khurvasia.

Friends, we should consider ourselves lucky for whatever we are today. Whatever we are or whatever we have today are because of the education we received. We are very fortunate -but not everybody are like us. So, we a group of like-minded people have resolved to do one thing.  We resolved to make this world a bit better than we are in. So that, when we leave this world and look back, we can have a silent contented smile.  So that  we can remind ourselves that we indeed changed this world to a better place to live in – irrespective of the scale of change.  We are professionals, and despite our hectic personal and professional lives, we are taking up a small cause. 

As our first endeavor,  we have selected TN Education Academy and trying to equip the school with the bare minimal infrastructure required to impart education in India.We have consciously kept our target for this initial project low. 

The main pain points we are trying to resolve are:

*  Plaster the building wall

*  Replace the few existing iron benches with wooden desk/bench for all      

*  Construct a hall to cook and serve lunch to students

*  Convert the existing open area to a playground for children 

We would request you to help us in this endeavor with your involvement, advice, and monetary contribution. A simple step on your part can bring a phenomenal change to the world.  So let’s play that small part so that we all can walk away, looking back with a contended smile.

We are professionals, and despite our hectic professional lives, we are taking up a small cause.

Thanks and Regards
 Mr. Simanta Sarma
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 Mayanka Upadhyay

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