Education for the children of Migrant workers

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There are around 300 families residing (on rent) in the slums of village Kanhai (near Sector-45, Gurgaon, Haryana). Most of the families are employed as daily laborers or into other temporary jobs. Approximately 800 children are there (up to 16 years) out of which 400 children are between 6 to 14 years of age. Most of the children are not enrolled in any school. Navkriti Foundation, to address this situation enrolled these children in the nearby Government schools namely GGPSS Kanhai (School Code: 12176) and Government High School (School Code: 942). But it was sadly noticed during follow-ups that almost 90% of those children dropped out within 1-2 months due to the issues mentioned earlier.


Therefore, to permanently solve the problem, Navkriti Foundation started after school classes in this area for the children from migrant workers’ families so that these children could be prevented from child labor and bad habits and learn something meaningful for their life.


Objective of the program


  • Preventing children from child labor and bad habits
  • Provide quality education to the children out of school or prone to drop out from schools
  • Supporting parents by providing their children a safe and useful place when they are at work
  • Getting out of school children enrolled in government schools and ensure retention.
  • Provide support to students in continuation of their school enrollment while migrating.
  • Provide skill development, life-skills and English training to the children apart from formal education.

Program Activities


  • Conducting classes after school hours for approximately 200 (150 above 5 years of age) children to help them in their studies as their parents are not capable of providing this facility to them.
  • Ensuring retention of these children in schools by collaborating with the schools they are enrolled in as a right extended by the law through regular meetings with schools and regular follow-up with children and their parents.
  • Awareness building and motivating the parents about the benefits of education through regular meetings with them.
  • Sensitizing the employers of the migrant workers for non employment of child labor and provide benefits to the families of workers mandated by the rules of law through meeting with employers.
  • Providing life skill training to children at least twice a week by trained professionals.
  • Organizing free health check-up camps once a month (in association with local private hospitals and Government Dispensaries) to keep a track of children’s physical health.
  • Organizing various competitions at regular intervals to keep the children motivated towards learning.

Expected outcome


  • No child below the age of 14 in our work area or target group is engaged in child labor and in bad habits of drugs and crime.
  • All children of the migrant workers are enrolled in schools and get quality education.
  • The children when migrating with parents get a school leaving certificate and get enrolled in a school at the new place of migration.
  • The children are able to continue their studies till at least grade eight guaranteed by RTE Act.
  • Children in schools do not drop out due to poor performance in schools as they do not have any academic support at home.
  • Developing a model for scale and replication at other places also.
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