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By Ashwin Dhandhania

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I am a committed individual who has always overcome adversities. Today, I call upon your support to help me achieve my dream.

At the very outset, I am exceedingly delighted to have cleared my ERP Part-1 exam taken on May 20th, 2017 with excellent result. And without any further ado, I wish to seize the opportunity to participate in the Part-2 exam scheduled on the 18th of November, 2017.  

I concluded my M.Sc education in January 2017; and have been since then in pursuance of career opportunities. Ending my Masters, I was aware of my passion in the financial markets for energy commodities and as a Chemical Engineer by education, I sought professional education for my passion as well. I was made aware of the ERP exam while talking to an LNG Industry executive. The idea impacted me point blank. I knew that I had to take action. So I arranged for a small loan and registered for the Part-1 Exam. Today I am overjoyed to have cleared the exam but I am also concerned with securing the necessary funds for my Part-2 registration. I come from a humble family with steep education loans made worse by my current unemployed situation. 

However, I am not the type who succumbs under stress. I have always aimed for excellence and not let finances pull me down. For me, maintaining a learning curve is critical. I, therefore, call upon your consideration on proving me with a sponsorship aiding me in my effort.

My only prerogative is to work hard and aim for the best once I register.

Lord Krishna said, " Karm karo, phal ki ichcha mat karo". I believe I am capable of putting in the effort and pass my certification with flying colors. 

I shall be ever grateful. 

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