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We are the NGOs in the Development Field for the past 14 years, initiated towards working against Child Labour and has been the core program.  Whilst working with the  children it was found that the parents needs additional income to tide over their adversities.

Hence we promoted Self Help Groups of the women parents of child labours so that they start with a small savings, and then get into income generation activities.  The meet every month save the possible amount they can and meet to discuss about their family or social issues.

The inter lend the amount saved  for their small needs with a minimal interest of 2%/month and that how they start lending amoung themselves as a startup.    They are then credit linked to the area banks for more financial assistance, and they get a loan amount of around 1 lakh initially from the bank.  

They gain confidence in going to the banks and transact themselves, gradually they can get loans upto 4 lakhs.  

But the only hinderence is that the bank loans get delayed and they have to take leave from work if they are domenstic worers for bank erands

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