My Friend need money for Spinal card operation

By kumar Hiremath

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This is my my friend present situation. 

My Dear Sister's and Brother's,

I am Mahantesh(mutturaj)
Who had a big dream about my future

I was working at Electronic Relays(India)Private Limited in Bangalore at 19 years old 
But, Now I Am living in Amaravati small village of Hungund Taluk of Bagalkot District in Karnataka,India.
My father in a simply poor parent. 
8 years ago my all dreams collapsed. A man becomes child twice in his life. Once after the birth & once at old age But, I became a child again at the year of 19. You may thinking how it is? So please read my message and kindly help me. 
On 9-11-2009, I was riding to my office in Bangalore where I met with accident.(Bike v/s Lorry) where that lorry where that lorry wheeled on my back & my spinal cord cut at 2 places in my back & injured a lot of my left head.
Instantly I was admitted to Hosmat Hospetal by the people around. 

My life is saved due to lot of doctors but due to my cut back bone & cracked nurves my part below chest lost sensation,Also I suffer lot of breathing problem.

I was treated two(2)years in Hosmat hospetal & my back bone was operated but also I can't recover completely my sensation doesn't recover. 
Now I am lifeless body on water bed and wheelchair also I am fully depend on my poor parents. 
I can't sense my excretory process, It goes out itself without others help i can't sleep on the bed(water bed).I didn't understand the passing of urine and motion I can't express my produs about bed sources & urine infection. 
I was only piller of my home but now I am within 4 walls & spending harsh dark days. 
I am leading life with my poor parents as my 2(two) leges. 

The loan for which my parents borrowed for my treatment is goes on increasing. Due to my poorness,
my company paid half of treatment expenditure. 
After 8 years also I can't stand my own. Totally my sensation below chest has completely lost. 
Now my nurves at back in head gradually 
Losing their functions. Now body is balancing on my two hands. That too my left part is gradually losing it's sensation .
Doctors said operation can be done to recover my nurve sensation & blood clot in head.
For this operation doctors said expenditure about 2.30 lacks. 
I can't abbord such big amount in my poor situation. 
Till now I spent lot lakhs of money. 
My parents lobb after me till their death., After that what can I do? 
Dear Sister's and Brother's I am begging you all that kind readers please help me by donating money as possible as you as there is a well said that 
"Many drops pertain to became pond", Like that your little Money can save me. 
So your friend Mahantesh(muuturaj) 
(Un lucky fellow)in expections. 
 So kindly help me.

This is my account number:-
State bank of India hungund branch.

please help me dear Sister's and Brother's..
Ur friend..
Un Lucky Fellow..

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