Support Women In Nepal Generate Income Through Training in Solar Food Dryers

By Mukti Energy Pokhara

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  • About Us:

    Mukti Energy is a team of engineers committed to bridging clean and affordable energy to enterprises.We are working with sincere effort to solve prevailing energy crisis in Nepal. We believe in “Democratizing Energy” with solar technology so we opted solar technology to solve different social problems. We design, develop and install Solar PV Systems, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Pumping Systems and Solar Dryers for commercial sectors and enterprises.

    Problem We Are Addressing:

    Nepalese social structure from ancient times has created disadvantaged and marginalized community based on caste, financial status, marital status and religious beliefs. This social structure has left a lot of women poor, landless, single and destitute. They are finding hardship in day to day living. Their income cannot afford two good meals a day to their kids. Sending kids to school and providing healthcare is merely a nightmare to this class. Poverty has become the root cause for all kind of social discrimination.

    Because of poverty, women are excluded from economic, local development and community activities thus creating more male dominance over society.

Our Solution:

We are providing Solar Food Dryers in “Lease to Own” model and train women to produce dry foods which are salable in local market. This will help women generate income. Also, we believe empowering women by helping them generate income would ensure them more secure life. Financial security can ensure access to good food, education and healthcare possible. Also, with the increment in come, women will start to participate in economic activity which can result a sustainable society.

Impact We Want To Make:

Our project will make social and environmental impact . They are listed as follows:

-Empower women by helping them generate income and attain financial security.

-Kids from a poor family can get access to school and healthcare.

-Encourage entrepreneurship in rural women community.

-Encourage production of local and organic dried foods.

-Make clean energy affordable and accessible to very poor community.

-Pollution free, solar food drying ensures clean environment

    1. Fund Utilization Summary

    2. Amount
      US$ 2000
      Fees for experts and Mentors
      US$ 2000
      Training Materials like stationary, testing equipment
      US$ 1000
      Raw foods for drying and demonstration
      US$ 2400
      Exposure and visits to existing drying industries

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