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By Harshal Joglekar

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Marathi Medium Schools in Pune which were considered best schools at one time in past, now are observing lesser student admissions. So they are not able to give good facilities to existing students, which is resulting into a vicious circle. I want to help these schools to get their charm again by supporting them to add better facilities, which will attract more students.


Based on my talks with different people in Pune, I understood that below are the reasons of lesser admissions in Marathi Medium Schools:

1) A misconception: English medium schools are best schools in the world.

2) A misconception: If my child studies in English medium, he will get better job than me.

3) A misconception: My parents could not afford a good (English?) school for me, so let my child not have the same problem.

4) Another misconception: As I studied in Marathi medium, my English conversation skills are weak.


1) Most of the developed nations have zero or minimal count of English medium schools. E.g. Japan, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Israel, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Spain, etc. Yet these countries never faced much problem in getting developed.

2) Difference between a English Medium School and Marathi Medium School is mostly in the medium/language and not the content. History, Geography, Economics, .... contents are same.

3) If you are some much worried about English conversation skills, better to put your kid in a good "Spoken English" class rather than English Medium School.

4) Command over English language is needed to interact with majority of the stakeholders in professional life which can be done by going through a good "Spoken English" class.

5) Due to high demand of English Medium schools, the schools are charging an enormous money to the parents.

6) If the kids learns History, Geography, Economics, ... in English Medium, it does not give a guarantee that s/he will succeed in life.

How I will use the donation given by you?

1) I will help Marathi Medium Schools in Pune in developing their infrastructure and facilities. This will help these schools to maintain the standards as good as English Medium Schools.

2) I will help Marathi Medium Schools in Pune in marketing (For e.g. Build and maintain the school website to reach to the public)

3) I will help Marathi Medium Schools in Pune by sponsoring one child's education from 1st to 12th grade.

Note: This campaign is nothing against English Medium Schools. These schools are equally good. This campaign is to support and revive Marathi Medium Schools in Pune.

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