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I m a 16 year old teen living in India; a country where literally MILLIONS of students compete for seats due to HUGE population. I don't really agree with the Indian education\n system because all they care about is marks, not the character of the person. you might be a rude arrogant, rude  person with 98% (we are graded on % system) marks and still get in compared to a person who has a good character, 95 % marks and all rounded.  Due to large population, education system here runs on bribery and I refuse to be a part of it.

I dream of getting into an Ivy League school cause i know i have the brains and achievement to get in. My father has stated that we cant afford education there so i have to try and fund part of the money by myself. PLEASE do help me cause i want to achieve something and make my city and family proud :).

 Thank you . i sincerely hope you help me

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