Bringing Dignity, Honor and Peace of Mind for Pet Owners

By Nipun Biyani

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Our Pet Crematorium’s aim is to ease the sadness of parting, by providing all our clients with a dignified and personalised service. With our personalised service and memorabilia options we shall bring dignity and honour to the last service that we could give to your pet.

Loss of a beloved pet in itself is very disturbing and then due to lack of proper burial or cremation places for pets and due to social inhibitions, people are forced to:

• Chuck the carcass in the darkness of night on roads, water bodies or empty parks or plots

• Find an abandoned or less frequented piece of land and burry the body with special care about the depth of the grave and other precautions to be taken, especially doing so stealthily

• Give it to a sweeper and expect him to dispose the carcass with honor…

Doing any of the above has an adverse impact on the environment at large; Air, Soil and Water pollution caused by dead carcass can be very harmful especially if an animal was infected or was suffering from some illness. According to the Ministry of Environment and Forests, deep burial of dead animals is an option only in rural areas where the human population is less than 5 lakh.

This is First of its kinds in India.

Kindly donate to make this service available to all pet owners of the city and then expand to other parts of the country too. This is also Environmentally desirable as it limits pollution that gets spread through dead animals carcasses.

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