Mobile App/Device to check for artificial ripening of Fruits/Vegetables

By Nitin Mane

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REVENUE-SHARING MODEL: Expecting Rs 100 as an investment from 20,000 investors minimizing the risk for everyone involved in this project. After doing a small market research in our city, Kolhapur, we found a huge potential for this application considering the current health scenario; we received 100% vote for the product and their willingness to buy if it becomes available. Everyone commented with the same answer - "Why wouldn't we buy??? Rather than spending thousands on medications, it's better to invest hundreds in such a product." Enough said!! You can imagine the huge potential of this product. The REVENUE MODEL will be - Once the product is launched, every donor will receive at least 11 Redeem Codes to distribute ahead at Rs 100 from the App Store/Play Store, giving him/her a 1000% return on the initial investment of Rs 100. More the profit generated, it will be distributed ahead as deemed appropriate. The Product Development and Status will be put forth on the product's website regularly. So, go ahead and start INVESTING.


For the past few years, every Summer is a daunting task for a health conscious family man to find whole family's favourite fruit, Mango, which is unadulterated, free from cancer-causing carbides used in artificial ripening process of the Mango.

Losing a family member to cancer because a greedy trader wanted quick money from ripening the fruits the wrong way, you will be the one at losing end and been there, I have avoided bringing fruits home, but the guilt remains that I am not able to get the kids what they love the most; but at what cost???

And here comes the idea of nowhere, let's develop an easy solution which is very mobile, affordable, yet very effective in curbing this kind of adultery of foods.

So I present you all my IDEA which will be a dream come true for the Mango-Loving AAM People!!

Briefly, we have developed two products, one for iPhone (Stipple) and other is the web-based application (ExpertMedSlot) for US & UK markets.

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