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When India awakened to the big world of e-retailing, the consumer got confident and comfortable buying every other product over the Internet, it left me wondering as to why products by NGOs, SHGs and village craftsmen are not easily available to the consumers. Sure, we have websites of some of the NGOs, we have the likes of Amazon/e-Bay/etc. with a CSR page, but what about the smaller, lesser equipped, lesser resourced, lesser skilled “social setups”?

They still find it difficult to get the right set of buyers, corporate orders, and the right amount of exposure to the retail consumers.


MinArt is an attempt to improve the livelihood of small NGOs, village artisans and many other self-help groups that create “handmade products”. MinArt intends to bring these good quality products to the consumer through digital and social media.


NGOs, SHGs and artisans need seed capital. It’s a typical catch-22 situation, where raw materials are bought from profits of selling products, and production can only increase with more raw materials. Also, many of them need to hire more people who can handle the production, design better, and perform quality checks. Each of the above needs funds.



Through this campaign, we are hoping to raise INR1,00,000. This campaign is solely focussed on the 3 closely associated NGOs:

  • AccessLife – AccessLife is a “home away from home” for the cancer fighting kids and their parents. Many families from the villages sell their belongings, quit their livelihood and come to Mumbai, with the hope that their cancer affected child will get cured at the Tata Hospital. But most have no place to stay and no food to eat! That’s what AccessLife provides – a clean and hygienic house, home cooked food, medicines, etc. The kids come here, stay till their chemotherapy treatment is on and then go back to their real home, cured!

  • AccessLife helps the cancer kids’ parents a chance to earn their livelihood while they are here. Each parent comes with a different background – farmer, labourer, driver. Each parent gets to learn basic skills like sticking, cutting, beading etc. Something that every individual can pick up quickly, and create handmade products like - diyas for Diwali and Rakhis for RakshaBandan.

  • Kshitij – KshitiJ is an NGO based in a Municipal School in Bombay Central, Mumbai, for the developmentally disabled. Kshitij was started by 4 mothers, when they realized that even though their kids have passed school, they will possibly never get regular jobs. They then decided to start a workshop called Kshitij, where these “kids”, now ranging in the age of 18-40, come to work each day. They have grown from 4 to 23, and aim to bring in many more!
  • They learn to create beautiful handmade products, they learn to communicate, they learn to live life and earn their right to respect. Each Friday, they are paid for their weekly efforts!

  • AfterTaste is an NGO based in Malad (W), Mumbai, with a desire to use ‘art’ for the women to earn a livelihood. What started with 4 women now provides a livelihood to 21 women. They do not have a manager, a co-ordinator, or an attendance system; they do not have a comfortable place to work or a spacious store to keep their products. They do not complain, they do not bother, but they only create newer and better products by the day, one order after another!
  • You will be amazed by their perfection and excellence in each piece!

Fund Utilization:

1) INR 30,000 for AccessLife to create more products and help the cancer kids’ parents earn respect while they are not earning.

2) INR 30,000 for Kshitij to grow their product line and infuse technological advancements in the way they work.

3) INR 40,000 for AfterTaste to start another centre to positively impact 50 women by end of this year.

Support us in empowering these organizations who are working hard to create a better life and a self-sustained living. Donate to our campaign to help us ensure that they keep doing the good work.

Also, help us spread awareness about it by sharing this campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Each share is as worthy as a monetary donation!



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