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By Shalini Arora

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We Mercy for All Society family are desperately looking for some kind-hearted and genuine supporters to save our rescued animal's precious lives.

We picked them up from drains, streets, highways, homes and brought them back to life after treating and nourishing them. We build up the lacking faith towards human beings in their broken hearts. We told them that still humanity is alive and people are there to care for them.

But We were facing disastrous problems at our previous rented shelter so we decided to move to our owned Sanctuary and we acquired a land at an outskirt. We signed an agreement with the landowner that he will let us construct our Sanctuary for our furry babies and we will pay the total land cost before 18th March 2018.

Now we are looking for some kind-hearted people to help us in the ongoing construction work and to pay our land cost before the given time and save our four-legged children's home.

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Mercy For All Society is an animal rights activist. A chain who are actually concerned about the melicious and unjust torture that is happening to countless animals species. We understand the pain of the voiceless animals and when it comes to helping them we are the first one who reaches to that animal with help.

1. Who we help ?

We help every animal in distress whether abandoned, sick or accidental. We reach to the spot with the first aid to help the animal as soon as possible.

2. What we do after the treatment of that animal ?

We transfer the sick or injured animal to our shelter home 'PREMASHRAM' and try to bring that animal back to life and hope.


3. What do we need to help ?

Right now we are keeping our animals as a rented shelter so in the first place we need to buy our own shelter which will cost around 9,00,000. Further, for the food, surgeries and medicines we need funds that will be approximately 10,00,000. So as of now a total of 20,00,000 is required for these beautiful creatures who are badly tortured by so called HUMANS so that we can make their lives better.


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