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On April 4 2017 

A 24-year-old college student allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the 19th floor of a hotel in suburban Bandra on Monday, police said.

Arjun Bhardwaj, who hailed from Bengaluru, was studying at a college in suburban Vile Parle. Bhardwaj had booked a suite on the 19th floor of a the Taj Land's End hotel in Bandra on Monday. He jumped from the room by breaking the glass of the window around 6:30 PM and posted a video on a social networking site about steps to kill oneself before taking the extreme step. 
In the suicide note, he admitted that he was suffering from depression and was fed up with his life. He had also apologised to his parents for taking the drastic step. 

In a statement to The Times of India, the police said that Bhardwaj was depressed after repeatedly failing in his engineering exams. 

"I'm a drug addict...I don't want to live anymore and hence committing suicide," the official said, quoting the suicide note purportedly written by him.

Hi, my name is Sachin and I have seen quite a few people succumbing to their problems.
We live in a society where it is a crime to be ‘not okay‘. People always have a lot to say about mental illness. Self proclaimed life coaches don’t really help the cause. They say everything is going to be alright when we all know it doesn’t work that way.

The number of people with minor to major mental health problems is around 70 million in our country alone and this number is increasing every year and the last decade has seen a drastic increase in the number of people succumbing to their problems. Despite the large number of people who need mental health attention we just have 3,500 trained psychiatrists and even fewer psychologists. What’s worse is that stigma and discrimination faced by these people and their families prevent them from seeking guidance.

Having a mental illness has always been considered a taboo in our society and it still continues to be one in the minds of many. Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal tendencies, etc are all actual problems that people tend to categorize under “ACTING OUT” or “THROWING A FIT” or to some extent “SEEKING ATTENTION”. We need to ditch the ‘One size fits all’ stereotype of Mental illnesses which can be done by educating people and inspiring them. People have this stereotype of someone with depression. They imagine someone who is unable to leave their bed for days on end. They picture someone with scruffy hair and dressed in dirty clothes. That image of someone sat curled up with their head in their hands has been ingrained within us as the image of depression. While yes, this is very true for some, it isn’t the case for everyone. For some like myself, we appear ‘normal’ (whatever that is?), high functioning, contributing members of society on the surface. But underneath there’s a much darker and complex problem going on. One which doesn’t always manifest itself in the way people might think.
Help me raise funds to Create Awareness on Mental Illness - story -1The purpose of this fundraiser is to create awareness among the general masses along with the help of the local LION's CLUBs and ROTARACT CLUBs in various areas. I seek to champion the cause of mental health in India, with a focus on depression and a in particular. Besides spreading awareness, i also aim to support and carry out various on-ground activities – creating a national database of mental healthcare professionals for easy access, developing help-lines with actual health-care professionals, furthering the cause through fundraising, partnering with other organisations and NGOs. With support my aim will also associate and collaborate with other NGOs in the mental health space for on-ground programmes and projects, and fund and support research.

Once the funds are collected, a team of volunteers and a panel of mental experts will be formed. A plan will be devised and will be implied somewhere during January or February. At the beginning phase I seek to approach various educational institutions (approximately a 100 in number) and talk to the students and teachers about the existence of mental illness in the society and how to identify and cope with it. I also aim to visit various industrial work places in order to create awareness. Once this is done a Website will be created so that people can talk to experts for free and in an anonymous capacity.

All you need to do is make a small donation with as little as a minimum Rs. 100 or an amount you are comfortable with. India has a population of 1.324 billion out of which I just want to appeal to 2500 people to make a donation of just an amount of Rs. 100 to reach the goal.

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