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Long Time Mediation Practitioner, Life Coach and having seen all walks of life, Vikram Ram wished to spread joy and happiness in the world through true spiritual practice. And up came the idea of MeDiZen. MeDiZen is an Alternative Meditation Centre. We believe that spiritual knowledge is being so misused by gurus and teachers that they forget the core of life itself...which is to live! Today's City Life is full of stress and running around, making ends meet, that we forget Zen. On the other side, there are spiritual institutions which run preaching growth forgetting material possessions. We are the balance and the world needs this. We do not believe in the growth of humanity can be in one realm of life, it is a balance of both.

We wish to start an institution near Auroville which consults in Tarot Reading & Divination, Chakra Balancing, Aura Empowerment, Light Meditation, Aura Readings, all given with practical way of living in this Material World. True Zen is peace, bliss and success.  The Centre will be a place of bliss and simplicity wherein all people irrespective of caste, creed, religion and sex come together in search of Zen.

We shall be a pioneer in changing the way Spirituality is conceived in the country and in the eyes of others outside the country. Your contribution will help - The World needs this and fast. 

We have a humorous YouTube Channel -

Sure Humour is a good way to be Zen and you are absolutely free to be funny

We have a resort - a perfect calm place near Auroville hustled in nature -

We also run Zeus Entertainment Group -

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