Love for Rajvir-Fighting High Risk Neuroblastoma Cancer

By Subhankar Adhikary

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My nephew Rajvir Adhikary son of Subrata Adhikary and Suchitra Adhikary, age 3 years 6 months is being diagnosed with Neuroblastoma (high risk) tumor. Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that starts in certain very early forms of nerve cells found in an embryo or fetus. (The term neuro refers to nerves, while blastoma refers to a cancer that affects immature or developing cells). This type of cancer occurs most often in infants and young children.Rajvir needs to go through 8 cycle Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiotherapy and Stem cell transplant to be cured from high risk neuroblastoma.

Rajvir's following Neuroblastoma treatment- 

  1. Chemotherapy 
  2. Surgery 
  3. Radiotherapy 
  4. Stem cell transplant 
  5. Maintainence Therapy    

Rajvir's current health status-

He has been through so far 10th Chemotherapy at Kolkata Tata Medical Center and major surgery, the main neuroblastoma tumor has been removed by surgery but a additional neuroblastoma tumor still remain in the abdomen section so he needs to go through another major surgery and after that following treatment. 

Campaign Goal -

Because the additional neuroblastoma tumor which remain in abdomen section in a very complicated position thats why our doctor at  Kolkata Tata Medical Cente Dr. Arpita Bhattacharaya referred us to do the surgery by  neuroblastoma specialist surgeon Dr Chui Chan Hon singapore based, the surgery in singapore very expensive almost 50-60 lakhs so we need raise that much fund for his surgery.    

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