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Hello everyone , I am a retired person who practiced in Law and taxation.Now I am residing with my son who is doing service as an employee in Gaming world. Now we both work together to build a good product for society based on Augmented reality  for child educational world . Psychologist says and is a matter of fact that a person learns more and more from images , 3d models and sounds etc. So we started with alphabets learning .

I made the prototype and further feel that more improvement to make it effective is necessary . My son is a developer only and now we need a graphic designer , animator and sound composer . So in-spite of my involvement  I required funding for the arrangement of graphic designer , animator and sound composer to make this prototype more effective and beautiful.

A child learn from cramming which was a traditional method . Now in the era of computer a person can learn the alphabets with the help of models , sounds , images , videos , small games etc .The matter of fact is that alphabet is learned by way of book only . Now in the age of computer era we can teach the alphabets by modern techniques as refereed above.

I think that use of new technique that is Augmented reality helps the children's to learn alphabets easily and more effectively .It will impact on all the children of the world who learn first alphabets.

The funds will be utilized to appoint Developer , Graphic Designer , Sound Composer , Tools purchasing , Assets purchasing and reasonable remuneration will be paid to them.

Our prototype result was awesome as we tested in my family and neighbors . 


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