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Let’s help women in their drive towards change through Project Adhikaar

Let’s help women in their drive towards change through Project Adhikaar

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Marginalised Slum Women
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Marginalised Slum Women


In our country where a woman is worshiped as Shakti, it becomes ironic when this same Shakti is treated as a second class citizen. The Indian woman is generally seen to be weak, but we see them differently, we believe in empowering women instead of judging. With a vision to transform the current scenario, to empower the socially backward women by providing them a source of income, we, the students of Enactus Delhi College of Arts and Commerce came up with Project Adhikaar.

Here’s why you should care: 


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  • 1. Present fear of being harmed/harassed: In a survey conducted by the team, it was found that 67% of the sexual harassment cases take place in the commutation sector. Whenever a woman steps out her home, she's asked to be cautious and to return before sunset. She constantly fears being harmed/harassed. Addressing this problem becomes of utmost importance because it violates the basic right of a woman being able to step out of the boundaries of her house.

  • 2. Lack of employment opportunities for women: The employment opportunities present for these underprivileged women are very few and generally constrained to domestic help, factory work etc. Generally, these women are tied by the domestic shackles and are not allowed to step out for work.

  • 3. Pollution caused by vehicles:  The high levels of pollution in the city are not hidden from any us, a major chunk of this pollution comes from the vehicles driven on roads everyday. 

  • 4. The problem of last mile connectivity: Though the facility of the metro has helped us travel large distances but the last mile connectivity from these stations to various places is still a big issue.

Our solution/What we offer: 

To solve these problems, came the idea of flooding the transportation facilities prevalent in the capital with female drivers.

The socially backward women were trained in the profession of e-rickshaw driving with required self-defense and personality development skills, thus enabling them earn a fixed income.

Project Adhikaar aims to break the barriers of gender inequalities by enabling women to take up a profession largely dominated by men, and at the same time tackle the critical issue of environmental pollution by providing a non-polluting commutation alternative at very nominal and economic charges. 

Electric-rickshaw as a mode of transport not only solves the problem of pollution but also last mile connectivity present in the Delhi-NCR region. 

How your money will help us:

 The money will be utilised as follows:

22%: Awareness and mobilization of women using street plays, pamphlet, lead by example approach and door to door campaigns. 

25%: Training of the women in driving, self-defense, financial literacy and other necessary soft skills.

18%: Installation of security systems like GPS, cameras, and hooters in the e-rickshaw for the safety of women drivers as well as passengers.

35%: Development of solar charging station and solar panels for running the e-rickshaws, as another step for a sustainable environment.

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