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Lets educate underprivileged kids to Kaushal Yuvas

Lets educate underprivileged kids to Kaushal Yuvas

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Kaushal Yuva Trust
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Kaushal Yuva Trust
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Kaushal Yuva Trust
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Kaushal Yuva Trust


KYT (Kaushal Yuva Trust) is a not for profit organisation registered in Delhi. We work to create a better life for all.

Our Method : Adopt > Train > Transform

Our 3 step approach is a systematic plan to convert any underprivileged Yuva into Kaushal Yuva. We first Adopt a slum then train them on different skills for employability, train them to keep themselves healthy, train them to keep the place neat and clean and train them to keep a healthy mind.

The 3rd step is to transform life over a period of time. Our aim is to make them responsible, independent & capable individuals who are aware and proud of whom they are.

USP of KYT: We are changing the way charity works, we are making people competent to earn....we avoid distributing free items rather we encourage them to earn it.

Why we started KYT: We understand that poverty and illiteracy are the biggest boon in the World. More we get educated more we get employed (Private/Govt/Self) and more our GDP increases.

Our focus areas:

1. Education (Primary & Secondary) for kids of adopted community

2. Skill based training for parents/family members of the adopted community

3. Cleanliness

4. Female foeticides

Do KYT need support?

Changing economical and social standards are not game of individuals it needs team and WE the people are the biggest team we know.

How to support the cause?

Join with us and like our Facebook page to know more about us, invest a little bit of time from your busy schedule to support them. We are working hard to make our website live shortly. In this short span of time we have opened our first centre "KAUSHAL YUVA KENDRA" where we are currently imparting education/extra curricular activities (dance,music,drawing) to 25 under-privileged kids. We started with 7 but the count is growing day by day.

Our 5 months experience of working on this project indicates there is need to scale up this effort and reach out to more children and youth.

KYT plans to open 2 more similar 'Kendras' in the community along with 1 main Kendra in Vaishali Sec-3 with better facilities. We have started identifying Yuvas whom we can train on skill based programs for small retail works. Skill training programs will be conducted at our Kendras for unemployed Yuvas. We are committed to extend support for this project at least for the next 3 years.

We also need Volunteers in our Kendra at Vaishali (Ghaziabad/Delhi NCR) area for primary education of our adopted kids. 

KYT Mission: Adopt > Train > Transform 100 slums by 2020.

Do KYT needs fund for these activities?

We anticipate individual, corporate funds to support our cause. Please visit our Kaushal Yuva Kendra to know more and interact with our Yuvas.

Estimated Project Cost (per Year) : -

Staff Expenses (for 3 Kendras)              -    Rs.5,40,000

Activities and Volunteer cost                 -    Rs.1,20,000 

Administrative & Equipment Cost       -    Rs.2,00,000

Total - Rs. 8,60,000

We the trustees/family members, well wishers and friends are currently contributing for this project and for regular expenses. KYT Team pledges to raise 2 Lakhs and encourage all of you to come and support our mission by donating as much as you can and share this campaign on Facebook, Whats app, Twitter and other social media groups etc.

As we believe  "Little By Little, A Little becomes A LOT"


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