Lets educate 50 helpless poor kids

By Chandan kumar

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We have taken brave initiative to provide excellent education with big reduction in admission , Registration and other fee for up- to 100 % to needy & poor 50 plus village & underprivilege students ,  which includes assistance on providing books , practical kits and sports material etc.

These kids of Katihar, Bihar is unable to afford good education and enjoy fullest due to their family low income factors.

Let us defeat underprivilege kid’s barriers (Poverty, Talented Teachers, Infrastructure) for better education by giving them one opportunity to prove themselves.

Let us unite and help together to provide better education without kids to worry about their barriers and give them wings to fly freely with academic activities , practice , projects  etc which is ISEI’s own unique syllabus.

How ISEI will help these underprivileged student to Grow : 

Many kids from very low earning families like poor labour man, milkman , farmers etc , who can not afford education in government school also which is very cheap, and force their kids to join themselves to labour earn money to eat food , we with your valuable contribution will save their life and by providing them subsidised education or free as per their situation. This attempt will also maximise the intellectual and academic outcomes of these children, which will enable them to compete with their privileged counterparts on even terms.

Here’s how you can help them make an Impact: 

ISEI School requires each one of us to step forward and make a small contribution to this wonderful cause and ensuring that no student gets forced to drop out. You could also share this initiative by sharing the campaign page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, Whatsapp (on mobile) and spread the word about our  school so that your friends and family can learn about it and come forward to offer support.

Our Team : 

Chandra Kishor Sahu | MD

Chandan Kumar | Co-Founder

Passionate on thinking and bringing better life for poor / urban area people

Academic Team : Sanjay sir (Principle)

Your contribution will help us to achieve  : 

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About ISEI school 

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ISEI Schools was established in 2015 with a vision to provide high quality education to children and to address the huge learning level gaps as compared to top level school’s education. Currently, ISEI operates (Nursery to VIII has plans to extend till 12th class ) schools in Katihar Bihar  with over 190 children. From last one year , we have seen significant improvement in kids’ confidence, English reading & communication, Arts & painting , music , maths and computer skills. 

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Reward and Updates :

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