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Hi all my name is Prakash frm Bangalore am seeking small help fr treatment of my left leg lumbspinal problem I can't walk properly and pain is killing me my whole leg is painfully whatever the tests I can Abel to do I have maken but for further treatment and for operation  I am not able to get treatment The tests have been done frm my daughter school fees. And we r poor and I have to survive for take care my aged parents wife and tow little kids Please help me don't let me to loose my leg, from one month i am facing this problem, in my report the disk is move ahead and its troubling to nurvers which related to hips and leg , the smooth functional nerves hypertensionly spoiled and its troubling to whole leg when i will press the left leg whole leg is paining and i cant sit also its directly affect to the spinal . doctor said if am not maken the surgical operation with in 4 days  slowly slowly i will lost my leg strength and it will affect me life long and even more i am not do eny thing for the treatment i will loose my leg permanently and in Bangalore i have asked all political leaders of bjp Mr yedyurappa, r v devraj, shivakumar local corp orator, dk shivakumar, krishnabhairegowda, dinesh gundurao,  and many more , when am asked them i got the answer go to Delhi Mr pm will helps u how can i go to the delhi at this condition this is our leaders of congress and bjp  this is the condition for poor one in Bangalore

please help me for my surgery of my left leg lumb spinal problem and i have poor family and i have maken testes by the amount its have been kept for my daughters admition of ukg 

pl z help me fr my treatment at least i can give good education to my daughter after my operation

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