Kumbakonam to Berlin -A journey to understand sustainable business practices and use it in India

By Srinivasan Masti

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We live in a country that is not prepared for the future and every innovation in technology that comes about is a threat to our age old practices. As a individual from small town India I have noticed our artisans loosing their businesses to technology. If India needs to secure its people it needs to find ways to sustain businesses and secure the livelihoods of its people. I decided to study a course in sustainable business in 2014 and after two years of slogging for the GMAT , securing a great score and balancing a career in sales because money is something that I have never had the luxury of. I applied to some of the  best universities in Europe to understand how developed countries have pioneered the art of  protecting their industries and building on businesses of the future.The boyhood dream to get an admit in one the best universities in the world was realised by me on March 29th,2017. I got into the European School of Management and Technology where I intend to pursue management in sustainable business.It is a one year course and I intend to return to India and put to practice what I learn . I have got scholarships to cover my tuition fees but the living expense in Germany is quite steep and hence this request. 

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