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By Kohinoor Khiladis

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Day 4-5: Indian 3rd Class

Day 4 started off as any day should... with Bram waking us up with a fresh coffee and almond croissant.  Gotta enjoy the holiday moments when they present themselves :-)


After updated Facebook, Instagram, our website, etc. etc. etc. (who would have thought it would take up so much of our time?!) little Felix came home for a little superhero time which we barely had time for before we had to finish packing and say adios to the Felix's and Valentina.  They've been amazing and we thank them for all their hospitality!  Gotta thank little Felix for lending us his Joker.  We'll take good care of him.


Off for another meeting with SOS India to pick up a few things to take on the way.  They were nice enough to call us an Uber to get us the rest of the way to the train station.  Bram was running low on battery but luckily the driver had a charger he was able to use.  Our last taste of Delhi traffic but in the end we got to the station with a good hour to spare.  Plenty of time to chill, get a bite, something to drink and maybe skate around a little... but damn... Bram can't find his phone!! Stolen? lost? forgotten??  What could it be?!  Still charging in the Uber!  Shiiiiit!  All photos lost??  Fortunately Shivang from SOS India was the one that called for us and knew the driver so for a pretty decent "charge" of INR 500 we managed to get it back just in time to still catch the train.  So the adventure really begins as it should... with chaos, running around like madmen but still getting our shit done in time.



Indian 3rd class isn't so bad.  Well, maybe I should elaborate before you all tell yourselves you'll save some money on your trip to India by going 3rd all they way.  It's 3rd class AC.  8 beds where in 1st there would be 4, 2nd would be 6 but (and it's really a BUT) non AC class 3rd would be more like the movies we all love with the people hanging out of the windows, doors and sitting on the roofs.  Well, maybe not that bad, but close.


20 hours after boarding in Old Delhi, a few good street food meals later we jumped off in Jaisalmer.  This historic Silk Road desert town with it's majestic hilltop fort, beautiful architecture and  40C weather greeted us.  What an entrance going through the 400 year old gate up into a fort with this much character then up to a $20 a night hotel (not per person, for all 3!!) situated in the wall itself!  Wards can't do this place justice!


After settling in we headed for a quick look around, picked up some local garments for the launch party in a couple of days, then on to check out our wheels.  Over the last few days the name of our rickshaw's become clear so we welcomed Lily into the Kohinoor Khiladis family.  Proper introductions to follow.  You know women, no pics before she's got her makeup just right (eyeroll).




After a nice dinner of pizza and some off green liquid with some kind of interesting balls (still not sure what it was) we headed back towards the hotel.  Just had to make one pit stop along the way.  No first night in Jaisalmer is complete without at least someone trying a Bhang.  I volunteered which seemed only fair since I was the only one talking about it the whole time.  Well, have to say I'm disappointed so far.  The only effect I'm having is tiredness but had that well before the Bhang so no credit there.  Will have to try a stronger batch next time. :-) 


Tomorrow we'll get the lowdown on how to handle her and care for her.  Our Lily will get only the best treatment!  ;-)


On the fundraising side we surpassed the $5,000 mark on generosity.com site which is amazing!  Thank you all for your support and keep it coming!  Combined with what we've managed to collect in the bank account we're at just over $10,000 already with more confirmed donations to come!  Just awesome!  


A friendship born in the mosh pits of Sziget music festival in Budapest taken to the next level... a mentally and physically demanding 2,700km journey through the north of India.  Not in a luxury bus or private sleeper car in the famous Indian trains but in a 9 horsepower glorified lawnmower.  Have we lost our minds you may ask… probably!

Other than the pure adventure of this endeavor our main goal is a perfectly sane one. Helping the most vulnerable demographic of society... Orphaned children in one of the poorest regions in India. For this we need your help!!!!

Our objective is to raise $18,000 for the SOS Children’s Village in Shillong, India. Why $18,000 you ask? That would help fund the housing, education, nutrition, medical services and most importantly community and family for 50 orphaned children for an entire year!!

No set route, no back-up, no way of knowing if you're going to make it and far too few toilets to relieve your Dehli Belly. The only certainty is that you will get lost, you will get stuck and you will break down.

We have been able to raise a large part of the funds from our friends, families, co-works and others but with Impact Guru we would love to have the Indian people also get involved.  Help us help SOS insure the orphaned children at the SOS village in Shillong get the same chance at life that your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, neighbor children, etc. enjoy.

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