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By Sunitasingh Rajput

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Hello people, my name is Sunitasingh Rajput and I live in Mansa, Gujarat, India . I was writing this story because I feel helpless about my family life.

 My husband is working in dairy industry as a supervisor since 26 years, but, they not providing medical insurance. 

 20 years ago, when his big brother died, he had to take all the responsibilities for his entire family members and he had to got separated  from his  family because of personal issues. 

Now in Mansa, we are small family with our kids and my husband.Recently a year ago we went to see our doctor for some regular check up and doctors found him diabetic and some major creatinine problems in blood so we kept him under medications since a year but nothing is improving so nephrologist advised us for kidney transplant, as it is the only thing that  can save his life. 

I am working at a place  which is gives me  Rs. 2000 per month only, which is sufficient for groceries and rents in my town. Also my son  recently graduated from college, but is  still unemployed.

 I am very helpless and confused about what should I do . I am donating my own kidney but the  surgical and medical expenses count around lakhs which is very hard for us to earn or get within short periods of time. That is the reason why 

 I am asking for  help and support from  people around. Hope you all understand my pain and can be with me in my crucial time phase.

 I will appreciate the help you provide  to me. Even if you donate small amount it will be better helping towards transplant. 

God Bless Everyone.

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