Help Organic Farmers to sell their healthy products online & get discount on those. Save Environment

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Kheti-Badi (, a start-up from Mumbai, is on a Mission to Empower Farmers of India and around the Globe. 

This campaign is about helping ‘organic farmers’ to list their organic products on e-commerce marketplaces like ’Amazon and Flipkart’.

The process requires lot of efforts, so we ( are helping verified ‘organic farmers’ to list their products under their brand. This way, as a consumer, you can track your food all the way back to the farm and farmer. Your contribution (Rs.1000 or more) will also make you eligible to get discounts once the products are listed online. All these products can be shipped all over India, and eventually USA, Europe market.

Why Organic / Natural Farming? - Our extensive research found that, Natural farming is the solution for all the issues related to farming, farmer’s profit, human health and environment. We are eating chemical and pesticides residues through chemically grown food, which are very dangerous for health, and our consumption is capable of damaging next generations.

Natural farming is all about using available natural resources in an effective manner, most of these resources are almost free of cost and not at all harmful for humans and environment. Due to lack of organic market access, farmers get discouraged or demotivated. On contrast, Not all consumers have an access to Organic / Natural food, and even if they do, it is very expensive due to inefficient supply chain. We are committed to change this!

How funds will be utilized – Your contribution will be spent to get all necessary Government approvals, formalities, packaging, designing, sourcing, listing etc. done in order to get listed on e-commerce platforms.

Our Achievements till date 

1. App on Google Play has been rated top and been finalist for few awards in India. It gives free information about Natural, low cost farming.


2. We have a online Marketplace for farmers which is helping Organic / Natural farmers to sell their products directly to the Bulk buyers. 

3. We are also selling organic seeds conserved by farmers on showcasing respective farmers. 

Success Story - Read how 'Kheti-Badi' transformed a small farmer from small Village in MP :

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