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By Aditi Dubey

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India’s handicraft industry is growing at an exponential rate but the  estimated 250 million artisans are not. They are not given the right opportunities, market linkages or recognition. 90% of rural women artisans have no education. Thus, they are heavily dependent on their craft forms. Many artisans are choosing to leave the industry due to low wages and working as labourers instead.

However, we can help change that by empowering women artisans by creating livelihoods and giving them.  In her ground research in Kutch, Aditi was informed by many artisans that they had never even seen the end product.  They simply followed designs given to them.

Aditi's story began as a child, she grew up living all across India due to her father’s transferable job. This gave her the opportunity to witness and love many different cultures in India. It amazed her to see how history seeped into the craft forms. But one question stumped her every time she saw an artisan - Why the artisans were poor when they were so good at what they did? 

Another factor that she noticed in her surroundings was the blatant bias against women in society. Being the eldest of three sisters, people often asked her, if her parents had her youngest sister because they wanted a son.  A question she greatly despised as she knew it wasn’t true. This is why she knew early on she would always work towards helping women.

Thus, she founded Ruas which brings together two causes that Aditi deeply cares about: Women Empowerment and historic craft forms. Ruas has a unique concept of co-creation where artisans are heavily involved in the process of creation.

One of the craft forms Ruas works with is Suf embroidery. It is a craft form that requires a lot of skill, patience and time. Unlike, other craft forms, the artisan does not embroider over patterns. Rather, she embroiders from memory giving form to stunning designs.

Laxmi ben and her two cousins Tulsi and Tara are from the community which still practices this craft form that needs to be revived. Ruas aims to work with many more women from her village. Laxmi ben has become a natural leader and has a dream of carrying the legacy of her craft form ahead. A dream Ruas wants to fulfil. 

We will be co-creating a new clothing collection with the funding. Close to 20 women from her village will be working with us for the same.

Come forward and support Ruas in it's movement to keep Suf art alive and contribute generously!

Share the story forward within your friends and family.Help make a social change for these hard-working artisans.

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