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A village is to a nation like a cell is to a body. A cell should be healthy and developed for the body to function properly. Similarly, national development can be achieved only after we achieve a healthy rural life. Kartavya is envisioned to uplift the marginalized citizenry living in slum/village.


 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”                                                                                                                -Nelson Mandela

Even after about 70 years of independence, we have been able to achieve only 71% rural literacy rate with a dropout rate of about 34.8%. It is common knowledge that financial constraints or domestic chores are the main reasons cited by people for dropping out of education. But data from the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) shows that 13 out of every 100 Indians between 5-29 years did not attend school or dropped out because they did not consider education “necessary.”

Through Kartavya, we aim to educate a generation so that they can become self-sustaining. This can be realized by providing them quality education, vocational training and healthcare.The organization is volunteered by college students. We make a team of volunteers at college constituting around 50 to 400 volunteers per college. A definite hierarchy is made in which college students from 1st year to final year have a certain role to play. The responsibilities are given according to the abilities, interest and experience of the volunteers. Kartavya has inspired to professionals also who give special training like karate class and art classes to kartavya students. Also few permanent employees are hired for center caretaking purposes.

Work process:

First of all, a survey is conducted regarding economic, educational and health conditions of a village then a complete year is devoted to planning regarding the upliftment of the village. Initially, we mainly focus on providing quality education. It also includes convincing parents to send their children to our study centers, which are located in the village itself. 

Library is developed in the village itself in order to provide these children a space to study and complete their home works during night when there is no electricity at their homes. A diverse collection of academic and non-academic books, inverter, proper drinking water supply and lavatories are provided.

For the purpose of providing quality and formal education children are admitted in good private and govt. schools. It also inculcates moral values, discipline, cultural attributes and various other qualities in them, needed for their overall development. Besides, children are mainstreamed when they study, play, eat and travel with other non-slum children.

Apart from regular classes, we conduct Skill Development Classes(SDC) every week which works to groom all-round personality of the children. Cultural activities like singing, dancing, drawing, enacting a story, art and craft etc. are taught. Children are updated with the current affairs. They help to develop an interactive environment so that children can share their daily problems more freely with the volunteers

.We also organize health care and awareness camps on a regular basis.

 Moreover, once the guardians realize that education is very important part of life, we extend the education for them.

Starting in the year 1999 from a “mandir”(temple)  in a slum, we now have four fully functional centers with more than 450 students in Dhanbad itself. We aim to make them self-sustaining so that they do not need Kartavya centers. Once this is achieved, we will close the center around them and open new ones in a new locality with the same aim.

Link to our website:An Effort Towards Educated India

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