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jumpbook social Marketplace

jumpbook social Marketplace

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Ankur singh
Ankur singh
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Ankur singh
Ankur singh
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Ankur singh

Story is an online platform that brings together social networking and e-commerce.

Theidea stands on two legs;

1.Being a different kind of social networking platform that integrates numerous groundbreaking features, to keep its users hooked on to the website.

2.Integrating a marketplace with this social networking platform andthereby capitalizing on one of the most potent means of selling whichis selling by word of mouth or recommendation. (Recommendation offriends’ n family).

Thewebsite went live in the month of August 2013, and has very quicklygot a user base of over 65000. It's popularity was such that manynews channels and online magazines covered it, with bytes from itsfounders.

Jumpbookalso has an android mobile app. We're working towards building an appfor all platforms.

Inthe sections that follow, you will see how the idea actuallyperforms, how its different from everything that currently exists,the challenges as well as opportunities that lie ahead.

This document has been prepared to explain the business model, and raise funds for the same.



If we consider the current top SNN Facebook then we came to know that it has contributed a lot to the social phenomenon, but Facebook and social are not the same thing. There's no going back on social at a broader level. People may get tired of a particular social network but they will flock to another. We are not losing people. Social is not a destination portal but has been weaved into the online fabric and this holds true for commerce too. If you embed the correct social elements into an e-commerce site, it can significantly improve the varied business metrics for the site. 

That’s what we are trying to implement so that it can be fruitful for consumers well as retailers 


Inthis section, we aim to explain the idea in detail by giving you alowdown on where we currently are in our journey and where we want togo. For ease of explanation, we've divided this section into threesections;

1.Jumpbook Today: Talks about the current features, equity, strengthsof the platform.

2.Jumpbook in 3-6 months: Talks about the plans for immediate future.

3.Jumpbook in 15-18 months: Talks about the long-term plans(considering how fast things change in the online world, two years isreally long term).

We've chosen to explain the idea mainly through addition of features to the platform, as we feel it will better explain how the business is likely to evolve. We'd be happy to meet in person and take youth rough it in detail, at a later stage.


Social networking part:

Jumpbook is a social networking platform with a difference (elaborated in the upcoming sections), that has a solid user-base of more than 65000 users.

We've been able to attract these users by offering a gamut of ground breaking features over and above the usual features one expects from a social networking platform. Here is what we mean;

Typicalfeatures (we offer them, but they're tables stakes for any socialnetworking website)

commenting,sharing, liking, ..............

-Upload and share photos, videos, songs

-Take quizzes, and add your own

-Take part in polls, and create your own

-Join events, and create your own and invite people

-Follow blogs, and you can write your own too

-Create your own business page, or follow others

-Play games, and flaunt your progress


 Categories:Community, Houses, Jobs, Pets, Rentals, Services, stuff, Tickets,Vehicles

 flauntwhat you've bought, consult your friends before buying, or giveadvice. Recommend things for your friend, advice what they shouldbuy.

What makes Jumpbook stand out is a whole universe of features for which people are currently having to use different platforms. By bringing them together, Jumpbook becomes one stop destination for all users.

Someof those features include;



-market place


Jumpbook in 3-6 months:

Coming soon features:

Number 1. Business pages:

Current social networking sites usually do not provide a platform to increase your social network, but they show  and save your current network. Where as our network will provide a platform where people can grow it. Business pages  will have a live chat module among the followers or liker's of the same Brand, Institute, Organization, Group or Community….  Where people who like the same page can communicate and share experiences and will help others in taking informed decisions.

Example: I go to a club “f”Bar regularly or in regular intervals,and but obviously I know people there by face and doesn’t get courage to walk up to them and talk. In short I have no option but to fight my courage and walk up to them and talk. Which most of us don’t do. 

Now I will come on Jumpbook and like “f”Bar’s business page and will get to see who all have liked the page and simply will search the person by name (if I know) or by face and talk in a “private message box” (like yahoo messenger) without fighting my courage. 

                                              There are thousands of chatting sites running across the globe.’s business pages will provide a platform to people where all the people who have liked the same business page(brand),share the same interest will get to talk to each other through live chatting option (common chat page and private chatting option).

Which will help in below mentioned ways:

  1. Meet your mates. (clubs, sports complexes, colleges, school,institutions etc)

  2.  Take informed decisions.( admissions inschools, colleges) by talking to students illumines, professors etc…

  3. Well consulted purchases. (online and offline purchases, dealing with brands etc)

  4. Travel mates.

Number2. Market place:=

Current condition of marketplace websites (olx and quicker) in India is not up to the mark. We are here to change the industry standards. We would have below mentioned features and next level of designing:

*Abilityto filter by category. (DONE)

* Abilityto filter by price range.(DONE)

Showsrelated items on sidebar.(DONE)

Multitabbed item description with a carousel for image preview.(DONE)

*Weekly email of latest items in marketplace.(DONE)

*Order items by user ratings.

*Google analytics integration.(DONE)

*Category based RSS feeds.

Localizationbased priority :

  Abilityto detect users location and show deals near by him(google maps)

*Recommendation basedon users connection and history.

*Tabularcomparison of selected/listed product in the site.

*Communitymoderated rating of trustworthiness of users(sellers/buyers)


*Price estimation based on other similar product listed the site:

The idea is whenever a seller want to post an ad on the site to sell something but don't know what will be the selling price that he/she will get by putting the ad .We can provide an feature which can avail the price for the ad.

Jumpbook after 1 year:

The real deal:

Jumpbook is offering a big opportunity at the intersection of social networking and e-commerce. Currently the approach how brands and retailers used social media is not up to to the mark. They follow the B-to-C (business to consumer) messaging paradigm. But social is not B-to-C but C-to-C (consumer to consumer). So launching Jumpbook we can fill the void as it provides a social commerce set up. 

Note:Every consumer is now a potential marketer. To tap into the true power of social media, companies need to get their customers to do the marketing for them. People trust the opinion of a friend more than any business messaging. 

A shigh lighted earlier, The actual potential of this platform lies in the integration of social media and e-commerce. To this end, we plan to make jumpbook the most attractive place for e-commerce sellers and consumers to conduct the "conversation".

-We go talk to the e-commerce websites, or individual brands, and offer them to join hands with us and use our platform and database to increase sales and get maximum visibility.

-We go with a strong user base, offer them a great opportunity to be visible, promote themselves, their products to that user base, and a chance to make fans, build strong brand loyalty.

-we then give them a variety/ suite of apps like below mentioned, to integrate with their selling experience.

Shop n share:
Thisapp is shown on your order confirmation page after a shopper hasfinished a purchase. The shopper is provided an incentive to sharethe purchase with friends via Jumpbook. Sharing increases repeatbuying, friend traffic and sales.
Consulta buy:
This app is embedded on your website.Enable your visitors to involve your friends in buying decisions.This social app creates visitor engagement. Visitors can requestfriends to vote on an array of choices. This drives friend traffic toyour website.


 Justto exemplify, we'll ask them to add tabs next to each product, suchas 

-tellyour jumpbook friends that you like it

-get their recommendations - message goes to all his friends

-ask what they think of it

-recommend it to a friend

-request a live chat with those who've bought it, for their opinions/experience.

-review products - get points for each review, progress and reach `newer levels, and become an expert reviewer.


Tosum it up;

Thisis a great platform that connects the sellers with their potentialbuyers. It encourages what is perhaps the most critical of all kindsof marking, which is the word or month marketing. There are numerousstudies that show how word of mouth scores over all other methodswhen it comes to building a brand, and jumpbook with its innovativefeatures and a strong user base, makes a perfect destination for all.Win win for both sides.


-share that you like it

-get opinions

-recommend it for people- showing you care, and you think about them,and you have a view on their tastes, and personality.

-share your feedback once you've bought it- help others makedecisions, or even become expert reviewer. Gaining points and hencecredibility.


 Futuregrowth plans:

Apartfrom main core features, once we are in the market and got thepositive response we will offer/develop a suite of socialapps that retailers canembed in their websites, within their marketing campaigns or on theirsocial network pages to support functions. They include, forinstance, one called share-a-purchase (or a product offer orpromotion) a social shopping community view, where people leavecomments on the purchases they have made. It is a live feed that canbe seen on the subscribing retailer's site. Potential buyers get tosee what others who have bought particular products feel about them.The platform allows businesses to:

=Increaserevenue and conversions,

=Reachnew potential customers,

=Gatherfans and users database, (pitch them again on new deals)

=ImproveSEO ranking, 

=Control when and how these apps are shown using rule-based targeting,


=Reporting and hence better decision makings, and more.


Benefitsto Users / Merchants

 One single place to have social connection like FB and the same time commerce  

connection like OLX.

Accordingto a study by AC Nielsen and Absolut Data, Social media in Indiais growing at

100%every year, and is likely to have 45 million users by the end of2012-13. It says

nearly40 million Indians use online reviews to tell others about theirpurchase decisions.

Further,67% Indians who are on the web read online reviews before bigpurchases.23%

of India's Facebook users are fans of a brand/company's Facebook page"Most companies

are aware of the need to engage with customers and prospects online so tha tfeedback,

complaints,criticisms and negative perceptions can be responded to. To notengage

through socialmedia is no more an option. So our Jumpbook is going toprovide the single

platform formerchant as well customers.

 UniqueSelling Preposition:

Jumpbookis offering a big opportunity at the intersection of socialnetworking and e-commerce. Explain this. Social commerce is morescalable. We are not forcing a new behavior on customers, but tappinginto an existing behavior and capitalizing on that.


 If you would like to join this noble work, then please contribute them.

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