jgpss- Empowering a ‘organic’ & prosperous future for the farmers of Hingoli, Maharashtra.

By Jayavantrao Ghyar Patil Sevabhavi Sanstha

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Jayavantrao Ghyar Patil Sevabhavi Sanstha or (Jayavant Public Trust) is exactly trying to do amongst the drought prone


We are a nation of 1.32 billion individuals! 

We are a nation where 70% of the population are farmers!

 We are a nation that is almost at the precipice of the next big famine- Thanks to abuse and misuse of nature!

And we don’t produce or consume food- we only sow and reap toxins and carcinogens! 

This is a situation that should alarm all of us!- Our nation already has some of the highest rates of chronic diseases and cancers on earth. We don’t want to move towards a future where  every third person amongst us becomes a victim to these fatal afflictions.

And the Only way to do that- is return back to nature and root staunchly for organic farming- which uses zero chemicals and zero means of artificial irrigation. 

And this is what this passionate Non-profit - Jayavntrao GhyarPatil Sevabhavi Sanstha or (Jayavantrao Ghyar Patil Charitable Society & Public Trust ) is exactly trying to do amongst the drought prone farmers in the Hingoli district of Maharashtra. Lying in the rather dry and arid region of Marathwada. Hingoli District is often prone to dry weather and acute droughts- that puts entire communities into distress- besides forcing many farmers to commit suicide. 

Jayavant Trust wants to change that; They are trying to build a participatory model of sustainable organic farming- which aims to create a profitable and holistic agro economy that  empowers farmers and gives back to planet earth in the process. 

Jayavant Trust has already started comprehensive education programs for farmers in most blocks and tehsils across the district- training and guiding them to give up their chemical based old methods and return to traditional organic farming. They are even planning to create a Agro-education centre- that would act as a focal point in their efforts to implement sustainable organic agriculture throughout the region. 

But they require a significant amount of capital for that- especially to meet their needs for basic infrastructure like accommodation, labs, libraries, wi fi etc - and they can’t bear all of this from the resources that they have mobilized  internally.

Therefore they have invited all of us to become a part of this exciting journey and work together to initiate a ‘green revolution’ for farmers that for once would listen to their needs and the needs of mother nature. 

To Jayavant Trust - organic farming is not just some fad- it's the only way forward towards ensuring a better deal for the farmers of Hingoli and Mother earth. 

So enough of consuming and re-consuming chemicals that harm our minds, hearts and bodies! Let us all take a pledge today to reclaim back our lives and our food and contribute generously to the efforts of Jayavant Society & Public Trust  to inspire them to turn Hingoli into our country’s first 100% organic farming district.  You can also create support campaigns- spread the good word about their path- breaking endeavours through FB-share, tweets and other platforms of social media and mobilize as much support as you can. 


                      Because it’s time we started to care about ourselves, our food,

                                                Our farmers, and our planet!!!!

                                                             DONATE NOW ! 

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