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E-Cell, Centre for Social Entrepeneurship,  Tata Institute of Social Sciences is an initiative to bring awareness among the student community in our university and also to the larger student body across India about the emerging field of Social Entrepreneurship and in fostering a spirit of venturing into ideating and creating entreprises that create sustainable social impact. It draws rich expertise from the network as a result of its parent body, the Centre of Social Entrepeurship and through its interactions with those at the forefront in this emerging and exciting space.

Ipreneur, the flagship event of E-cell under the auspices of the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship under the School of Management and Labour Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. It aims to become the biggest and the only social venture creation competition in India. Furthermore, the agenda of the event is to bring together participants, student community, academicians and other significant groups in order to utilize the platform to create and share ideas, networks and innovations; to nurture an ecosystem of interactive discussions, debate and a competitive as well as amicable environment to build a better and inclusive world.

Our focus this year will be in attracting the best ideas and early stage enterprises to participate at Ipreneur ’17. Ipreneur  has a special focus on social impact and venture creation every year. The two-day event is to ensure that participants from different communities pan India desiring to create social enterprises or take their existing enterprises to the next level, would be provided a platform to display their ideas and ventures, rework on them through the mentorship and feedback given by industry experts and experienced mentors. Further it willnot just be competition but an opportunity for investors to connect to these ventures and ideas, incubators to identify potential ventures.

What do we offer during Ipreneur 17 for the participants?

1. An opportunity for social entrepreneurs to come together and display their ideas and ventures

2. A chance to pitch and interact with a host of mentors, investors, industry experts, incubators and other such significant parties from the entrepreneurship network. 

3. More involvement among the student community and interested people to nurture a feedback system in order to better their ideas and enterprises.

4. We offer seed grant to those who seek to take their enterprise to the next level and prize money to start those ideating on their entrepreneurial  journey. 

5. Networking with other participants and create synergy to spark further opportunities. 

Why do we require the funds?

1. We are offering seed grant worth Rs. 5 lakhs to 2 idea stage enterprises and 2 early stage enterprises.

2. We are inviting some of the biggest names in the space of Social Entrepreneurship to provide the best experience possible to the participants which would entail expenses which would come upto 2 lakhs

3. Expenses with regard to logistics for participants at the event.

This amount would be required to begin this amazing journey and hope you would enable this process through your generous contribution.

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