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Integrated programme to educate and empower women and girls.

Integrated programme to educate and empower women and girls.

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Shelter for Her Empowerment
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Shelter for Her Empowerment


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My name is Mini Ghosh and I am raising funds for our organisation "Shelter for Her Empowerment" which runs an integrated programme to campaign, educate & empower women and girls. 

Thegoal and vision of our organization Shelterfor Her Empowerment (SHE),  issocio-economic empowerment for women, children & senior citizens. It isderived from the concept of the Cultural Paradigm of Development that lay sstress on Self–reliance, Legal rights, Education, Skills, Technology,Political, Participation, Identity, Sustainability and asset base.

Shelterfor Her Empowerment detects that awareness is power. The very name of our society refers that it is for the strength and power of women. Therefore, our society aims to educate the women and instill knowledge in to them.

Apart from our non formal educationprogramme, soft skill including ICT development programme and participatory empowerment programme, main structure of the progamme is as below: 

Adult education

A largeproportion of the target group remains illiterate. SHE has adopted theguidelines of the National Literacy Mission to educate females who feel theneed to become literates. Classes are held twice a week.

In our endeavorduring last 11 years we were successful to send 6 illiterate women for Madyamik Examination through Rabindra Mukta Vidyalaya. One of them have cleared the examand become trained Nurse from domestic help. 

Drop out girls

The percentageof dropout girls is very high in our target area of slums due to economicreasons. We help these disadvantaged learners in ournon-formal coaching to make ready for open distance mode of learning. Thesegirls become ready to complete Secondary & Higher Secondary Exams either fromNational Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) or from Rabindra Mukta Vidyalaya.

English & Soft skill training

After our yearsof involvement with the girls of target group, it was surmised that femalestudents, despite being meritorious, could not clear the Madhyamik (Secondary)and Higher Secondary examinations, because of their lack of grasp on English, acompulsory subject in both the board examinations. While there are variousforms of assistance available in every subject area, there is very littleassistance available in English. SHE conducts extensive and exhaustive tutorialclasses in English for female students of Class VII to XII who falter becauseof their low scores in this subject. Classes are held three days of the week.Beyond school syllabus, we train the girls to learn the language itself.

School and college level education is complimented bythe Communication Skill Training for female adults who have cleared HigherSecondary or are graduates but have been unable to find gainful employmentbecause they were found wanting in communication skill suitable for aworkplace. SHE conducts Spoken English classes three days of the week. Trainingon the language is imparted through extensive conversations, audio-visual aids.It not only prepares the girls for prestigious employment but also elevatestheir social capital. In the coaching classes, new social spaces are created,that help them to question the gender inequalities they face in life, to lookfor new role models and to forge new ambitions that break stereotypicalaspirations such as early marriage.

We use theatre extensively as a tool andcontinuously perform street as well as stage theatres. Our all theatres arebased on women and society laws. 

Theatrical interventions are for preventionof child marriage, female foeticide, dowry, property rights and genderdiscrimination.

In11 years of our operation we have educated and empowered total of300beneficiaries.

UnderprivilegedWomen & Children will benefit immensely from the donation provided. 

Pleasehelp us raise the required amount by clicking on the donate button and/orsharing this fundraiser with family and friends.


Weare grateful for your help!


MiniGhosh (president)

SHelterfor Her EMpowerment,

B-258,Lake Gardens, 

Kolkata-700045, India


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