We take fire on our hands so that children can smile!

By Prashant Dobriyal

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  1. From preschools to high school, children don't have enough to learn science from.
  2. Without enough science we don't have enough development. 
  3. Without development most NGOs have to work on basic necessities. 

Let's empower our children:

  • * to create a generation of innovators who can solve the problems of our society,
  • * so that the smiles can stay forever, 
  • * so that none of us ever feel helpless
  • * so that we can have pride in what we make

With all this in mind, Indo Science Education Trust was formed. We continue working round the clock in the effort to bring to our children what they deserve. The best from the world in science education.

Open Source electronics

Open source software

Robotics for kids

DIY Making

Space sciences current affairs

Hobby rockets

Satellite making

Afforestation and reforestation with school students (starting soon)

Most of what we do, and plan to do more and more, is to bring the best in technology education from around the world to our children. We have already reached out to more than 1.4 lakh students in rural and urban Pune. More than 70% are rural or small-town children.

Help us reach out to more. Help us continue our work even in adverse times, such as demonetization. We can't do this without your generous help.

Raising Funds for the National Space and Science Fest

We need immediate funds for a space sciences exhibition in Pune. We don't have sponsors because of demonetization and elections. We are being brave in not cancelling the event and exploring all possible ways to raise funds. Only a part of which can come from ticketing. Donate generously and immediately.

Main Exhibitors

  • National Space Organisations
  • Renowned hands-on technology training organisations
  • Grass-root innovators (our Phunsuk Wangdus)
  • Agriculture technology organiations
  • Astronomy organisations

If you feel our children will love to experience such an exhibition, please contribute to make it possible.

How the funds will be used (approx)

Exhibition setup: Rs. 8 Lakhs

Hosting guest exhibitors: Rs. 2 Lakhs

Volunteers: 2 Lakhs

The remaining amount is needed for increasing the reach of Indo Science and expand the team.

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