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This idea is a brainchild of us five engineering students and has mostly been binned because all of us are responsible for earning income for our families. Having to pay for our education loans, rents and other stuff takes away a major chunk of whatever little earning we have and the idea continues to remain a just that  - an idea. Very recently, I stumbled upon these fundraising websites and realized that maybe we could actually get some quick and much needed help.

The Youtube channel is supposed to have shows with five-six friends playing games, performing challenges and make comedy skits and Indie movies. I understand that the idea doesn't sound very original because there are several western channels presenting the same content but again, I feel there is no channel that targets the taste of an average Indian. There is a huge audience going unnoticed and we want to get in and start serving content as early as possible. The team consists of people from varying Indian background which will help us relate to a wider audience. The kind of content we plan on serving is currently not being served by any Indian Youtube channel. The five of us are extremely passionate about making videos and pursuing our long forgotten dreams. Following is a sample video I made on my own to get things started. The video in no shape or form reflects the actual content we plan on serving on our channel...but it is a start.

The raised money is supposed to get us going for initial  few months as we look for a place to rent out to shoot our videos, buy cameras and other audio equipment which enables us to make sure our content is of the required quality, do promotion work, and hire a few support members.

6 months rent: around 80,000

Cameras, mics, a computer and other equipment:1,50,000 - 1, 80, 000

Promotion work: 5,000-10,000

Hiring support staff: 50,000-60,000

We have rewards for people who back this project as token of our gratitude

Rs. 500: Your name gets mentioned in video description 

Rs. 1000 to Rs 2000:  a thank you card with our messages 

Rs 2000 to Rs. 10000: your name gets featured in thank you section of our videos

Rs. 10000 to Rs. 20000: a skype session with our team

Rs. 20000 to Rs. 35000: a skype session, a thank you card and your name gets featured in thank you section of our videos

Rs. 35000 to Rs. 50000; We do a challenge/play a game of your choice and video gets dedicated to you

Rs. 50000 and upwards: You get to feature in a number of our videos. Travel expanses, if you chose to be physically present and come to our office, will have to be paid by you

I know this doesn't make up for the kind of help we may receive but we will try and make each backer proud.

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