Indians are handicap due to the unemployment

By Nitesh Singh

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I am Nitesh Singh a director of Maapey E-Services Private Limited with having around 5 Years of experience in recruitment industry.

This is something I can show you all on the paper. However, the reality is, I'm having more than 10 years of experience, I started working when I was a student of 8th standard, that time I was working for a water supplier where I use to get 2 rupees for water botel which I deliver to customer's door. Moreover, I have worked as a housekeeper as well. I had no choice because of the financial failures that my father have had. due to which they won't be able to afford my educational expenses and others too. I worked and started studies again then now I am here talking you all.

Before starting the project, A day I had a thought about all the boys who may be suffering. like me, and what are they doing? then I decided to find something by which I can help all of them and found that which is all the way career. If I can work on Jobseekers we can achieve everything for future. Like - Education, New projects with new opportunities for up comers, Maximum Taxpayers, Less Crime, Less Corruption, etc.and all these something which a particular always do just for the sake of money to find his bread and butter.

I have also seen the Handicaps and found that they are happy because they don't have expectations from their life but what about their families, children? They are working but unable to afford regular expenses even their children school fee. we know they can only be this as our mentality says but here we can work on them can also help their children's in the study with little homework by they can also earn and support their family.

Children's has clean and blank with fast learning skills we can groom them so that they will never have a like their past. Donating them is not a solution but make them able to do something, that is something which is a big hand from you for all of them.

What all do we need to do?

we need to think in that positive way where we all are same, where we can help each other by providing with some good opportunities.

Trust me such people have good talent with the courage to do something and to be the ideal for people. but we are not looking at them, let's allow me to help because I have been through with the conditions, they are in.

Then I started the project I have to spend all my saving even took a loan from a bank which I spend on the project development, Project Formation, Registration, Basic website development, Research and office and Now I ready with everything but few things are still pending to start the operations as below, now I am bank computer guy because have not paid my EMI's from last 9 month that's why unable to take loan again otherwise I would have taken a loan again instead for asking for donation:-

1. Website yet to be finished 2. Phones3. Salaries 4. Costing to travel for at least 6months.5. Backup for 6 Months6. Promotions7. Event Banners/ Cards/ 8. Data

After getting everything ready I would be able to work on them and it is really required because if we have maximum Employments then maximum think will get reduce as below:

Corruption - if people will start to earning well they, nothing left to do something wrongSuicides - If people will have a Job they will not take the wrong steps.Tax Payers - If people will have a proper career with good knowledge then the government will have more tax for development.Talent - Indian talent will always be in India and start to devolving new projects for India.Educations - If people will have a good career then he will afford his Children's educations and children are the new futures.

So let's support me so that we can start working on and we all can achieve maximum employment in India so that everyone can survive.

Just have look on above Image, see the children's they want to do something in their life but their families are not even able to afford their medical expenses because of this we may lose them.

Guys nothing to say, Because I have to tell you what I have seen while meeting such person who really has talent but due to their families, financial Issues and improper guidance they never get highlighted. and that's where India loses the real talent.

We are handicap our mind makes us that. We can fight for what we want to achieve but what if nobody is there you guide you

Why is this Important?
Because we can see the Competition which is there in market everyone is looking for a job and many jobs are there in the market but somehow people are unable to explore so here Jobextension comes in the picture as a platform for them, where a job seeker can explore the number of jobs.

In order to ensure the interviews, we have planned to do Job Fair Activities where job seekers can get the maximum interview to face and can easily come to know the down where they work on themselves. would also contact to Institutes and convenience them to provide free or maybe cheapest but effective skills development courses by the help so such courses, a Jobseekers can get his/her skills developed and again be ready to compete with others in job fair event.

Look at the pictures and answer me what all can you see?
1. Courage2. Survival Attitude 3. Power4. Thinking to achieve something 5. Real fighters of Life or may see many other things. But don't you think we should support them so that they can do what do deserve in their life?

Where will the funds be used?
Being an owner of the company I will use the funds to develop the company on below things:

1. Promotions 2. Marketing Team to get more companies 3. College event to get more talent and fresh job seekers4. In-house Team to provide proper Information 5. Event Costings6. Website to make familiar for all of us whether we are qualified or unqualified and it will available in all the languages.7. Travel costings with back for 6 Months.

People, it may be funny or silly but trust me I lived this life, that why I just wanted to work on the kind of people who are unable to survive and they can't even afford the expenses because they never had anything to earn, nothing left because nobody was there to tell them what to do to earn?

A little donation can help a person but it should be there because with the donation you make it will be a bulk for me, which will make me start the project again and support all such people who are waiting for someone who can help them.

I believe at present, I don't know what will happen to me next, I may not be the part of this world anymore but just wanted to do something for all those people who are unable to do in their lifes.

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