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Improve Healthcare Service in Rural Madhya Pradesh by enabling IT (Tele-Medicine & E-Consultation)

Improve Healthcare Service in Rural Madhya Pradesh by enabling IT (Tele-Medicine & E-Consultation)

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Abdul Sabir Khan
People of Rural Areas
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People of Rural Areas
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Abdul Sabir Khan
People of Rural Areas
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People of Rural Areas

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Looking for support to change healthcare scenario...


Please join me in helping to Improve healthcare facilities in rural areas of Madhya Pradesh by Enabling IT (Through E-Consultation & Tele Medicine).

What I Want to Do:

I want to create E-Consultation centre in rural areas and want to empower that centre with Tele-medicine facilities so rural people can get right healthcare opinion from expert of metros, I want to set these centre as "Niramaya Centre" of Village.

Why I am doing this:

While having experience of healthcare, I have been closely following problems related with healthcare Service delivery, availability of learned practitioners, and accessibility of optimum care at the need hours. I have been seeing that many of the doctors wanted to share their experiences, knowledge to the mass but could not get appropriate channel for doing same. Current ratio of Doctor : Population in India is 1:1700, that is very high in rural area 1:2100.

I have also observed a common problem among the population that they are not aware about the health related issues, topics and onset , I thought if I can make mass aware and Practitioner available then this problem can be mitigated at some extent from both the levels. So I have started meeting with rural areas people & doctors to discuss their problem, 

Who I am

I am Abdul Sabir Khan  from healthcare management background and having clinical acumen, did  MBA in Hospital administration and had served more than 6 year to healthcare industries in senior level.

Hence, could able to understand the requirements , I belong to rural areas of Dindori district (MP). In 2015 I quit  jobs and taken 1st step toward Mission. 

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Benefits by IT enable healthcare in rural areas:

• Enables more informed decision making & enhanced quality of care. 

•Saves lives through remote consultations, whether urgent or diagnostic. 

•Creates more efficient, convenient and potentially more cost effective delivery of care.

•Facilitates earlier – and more accurate – diagnoses. 

•Improves administrative efficiency and coordination. 

•Allows rural residents to receive expert diagnosis and treatment from distant medical centers.

How does this work

Imagine a village internet kiosk with a personal computer and a printer. The remote diagnostic equipment is connected to the PC and the required software is loaded. The kiosk PC is then connected to the doctor's PC through a video / audio conferencing facility. Once a patient comes to the kiosk, he/she can talk to the doctor via the video / audio conferencing facility. The doctor then activates the remote diagnostic equipment at the kiosk from his PC and advises the kiosk operator to take the patient's temperature (keeping the probe under the armpit). Similarly, the doctor would advise the kiosk operator to place the stethoscope at the relevant spots and the doctor could hear the heart beat by through a headphone. Finally the doctor makes his diagnosis and types out a prescription, which can be seen on the PC at the kiosk and printed.

The Team of Expert

In metros & 2 tier cities their are many doctor who are unable to reach out to patient, So we will find as many doctor and we have already more then 70 renowned doctor of city in penal.

Some of the doctors are actively involved and they are on our advisory board. We are aspiring to have a reach to rural & Semi urban cities


• Back-end of doctors for consultation

• Rural pharmacies

• Connectivity providers

Now we are looking for fund to setup e-consultation centre (Niramaya Center) and to enable rural areas people to align with medical experts of tier 2 cities.

Costs to set up :

Niramaya Platform: -

 -The set up of a E-consultation center in rural areas costs ~ Rs.8 lacs for the medium type of solution

 - Training costs for the internet kiosk operator-Rs.2 lacs

 -Operational Cost:Rs.2 lacs

 -Travelling and stationary: Rs.1 lacs

 -Doctors fee for consultation (for one Year): Rs.2 Lacs


 -Internet facility

 -Electricity problem

 -Rural areas acceptance

 -Timing of expert doctors

 -Govt Policies. 


1.During Training of Operations and strategy of Healthcare in Corporate Hospitals received Excellent performer award.

2.In his tenure as a Head Operations at Meditrina Group, hospital reached to best performer hospital in group hospital level

3.Handled team of more 250+ People

4.Working with Few renowned doctor of City to help people specially for Cardiac & Neuro Disability.

Success Story in Past: 

From Colleges Days we started Health Education awareness program

1.At Rangwasa villege( Indore District) (Awarded by Gram Panchayat-Awareness Award) -2007

2.At Bhairwan Gram Panchayat(Indore) in 2009 for Awareness in Students about Healthcare

3.Nakhrel & Lakhpat(Kutch-Gujarat) camp for Cardiac Awareness May-2013

4.Mandsaur (MP)-Orthopedic awereness series. June & Oct.2014, March & Sept 2015.


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Looking for support to change healthcare scenario...


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