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Bring the change. Bring the impact!

Our three events scheduled for 28th September in Pelling, 3rd October in Bojoghari and 8th October in Lachung have started to take its toll and is on run. We have total of 40 children who will be helped and counselled depending on their necessities and area of interests. Our event will be mainly focused on guiding the children on terms of EDUCATION, NUTRITION, ACTIVITIES/AREA OF INTERESTS and COUNCIL TO CAREGIVERS.


+ We provide volunteers to engage children in learning through effective teaching practices.

+ We will make sure that the school doesn’t stop children from learning during any crisis.


+ We make sure that the child’s health is never compensated.

+ We make sure that no child sleeps empty stomach.


+ We introduce children to the power of artistic expression — drawing, painting, music, drama, dance and more — to help them heal, learn, experience and do better in walks of life.

+ We indulge with children in different activities and push them towards finding their passion and what they best at.


+ We coach caregivers to help and motivate their children towards education.

+ We ensure that the caregivers are able to provide children with basic amenities and supplies.

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WHO WE ARE? focuses to bring impact to the lives of children by aiming to focus on mentoring and upliftment of children, contributing towards future quality youth. 


Have you ever thought, what as a traveller you offer to the place you visit? No, right! Well, you should. We all should.

The place we travel leaves the imprint on us without seeking anything in return. Yet, we fail to justify it. Here we stand to put a small effort to bring the change and to motivate the change with your help.


Mentoring and upliftment of children wherever you go contributing towards future quality youth.


Pelling is a tiny remote Himalayan town in the Indian state of Sikkim. There exist an orphan school located even more remotely at the cliff. Last Summer at Pelling, we came across a kind-hearted Australian-couple and together had an orphan school's visit near Sanga Choeling Monastry.

Those kids had a very poor diet and were lacking even the simple supplies. So we aided vegetables, medicines, blankets, toothpastes and everything that could help those kids.

On reaching, we organised an English lesson and did basic Geography and Math lessons. It almost seemed unbelievable as to see how happy they became simply with warm approach.

We talked for hours, ate and played games together. Their smiles and honest curiosity just seemed priceless!

Motivated by the whole experience we started "" with an idea to bring the positive change to this world while travelling around.

THE UPCOMING EVENTS - Bringing A Positive Change By Travelling - story -7

  # Sep 28th: Revisting same orphan school

Officially launching of movement with the kids of same orphan school near sanga choeling gumpa. This will include a thankyou message, distribution of additional supplies and series of interactive programmes.

  # Oct 3rd: Chinlop Orphanage Home

Distribution of supplies and interactive programmes for the children of Chinlop Orphanage home at Bojoghari in East Sikkim.

  # Oct 8th: Lachung village camp for kids

Camping for underprivileged kids of Lachung, distribution of basic supplies, interactive educational and motivational sessions.


We want to help the children face the critical issues and to safeguard them from forced situations they are made to face from life as refugees to denial of education to living in state of poverty to child labor to trafficking and slavery wherever we travel. We want to build a strong sense of confidence among people to every place we travel and connect with them on their problems to eradicate it.  


 Travel to bring the change. Help us in making the CHANGE more effective. 



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