i want 2 make d ballsiest board game based on my film balls!

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hi,i am rj anirudh chawla.i host a popular national radio show,anirudh llb-on 92.7bigfm(mumbai)..i have directed 2 films,sabki bajegi band(2015) and balls-india's first reality film on love and sexuality!balls is the first film in india to talk about sex in such an uninhibited manner-addressing the most controversial and burning issues of our society-homosexuality,infidelity,domestic violence,religion,rape,aids,sexual frustration,incest-in addition to our secret desires and kinks.i believe its very important to talk about sex in india in an open and candid manner.the film was made to reveal the hypocrisies and double standards and true confessions of 13 indians from every segment of society!

--i have designed a  totally unique,shocking,ballsy game based on my film balls-which aims to entertain,and also educate--and to reveal our true selves to ourselves and to our friends and family!--and i would be grateful for your support in helping me to produce and market and release the game in the national and international market..i believe such a game has never been conceived internationally either!!

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