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I request help for supporting my father with IgG type MM

I request help for supporting my father with IgG type MM

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Raja Mukherjee
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Dear Friends,

My father @ 79 years has an IgG type Bone Marrow Cancer called Multiple Myeloma which has lesser or zero chance of cure in conventional medicine and oncology, but there are recent hope with final level clinical drugs giving much better result with Immunology Therapies in US Medical Research Institutes and elsewhere in Asia's top Medical Schools & Research Centre.

I , as a son consider myself unfortunate not been able to conduct his Bone Marrow tests due to his age and Pacemaker in Situ, and the blood tests have nearly confirmed a Multiple Myeloma which has advanced and as on writing this appeal, he has a Haemoglobin count of just 4.9 and RBC 1.88 which are at dangerous levels.

I have written to specialists hospitals in Bangkok,Thailand and Taipei,Thailand and doctors have insisted on a Bone Marrow followed by Chemotherapy as per International Multiple Myeloma disease protocol.At the same time, same doctors have nullified his chance for autologous transplant at this age. He also runs a chance for Sepsis if treated with traditional Cancer drugs, which makes options very costly and rare and beyond my abilities and reach.

It took me sometime to write back with my father's reports ( Mr. Amalendu Mukherjee -79 years - India ) , due to the time taken by Medical clinics in India to issue these reports. I am enclosing the latest laboratory findings along with a small synopsis. 

Patient Details♡mp;9

1. Name            : Amalendu Mukherjee ( Indian Male )

2. Date of Birth : 02 /07/1937

3. Nationality    : Indian

4. Address         : Basona Apartments, Flat B8 ,2nd Floor , 30 Nagerbazar Road , Kolkata 700 074 , West Bengal , India

Medical Synopsis:

Since 22nd of July,2016, when his Haemoglobin show 8.70 and RBC was below normal & blood picture depicting Normochromic Macrocytic with Rouleaux  formation present.Since then , his Haemoglobin and RBC picture has tumbled down, and marginally moved up only once.Major Blood reports are attached for your kind reference and study  with following features. 

Synopsis of Current Medical Conditions backed up by Reports : 

1. Monoclonal ( M-Protein ) Peak at Beta2 region.Beta 1 and Beta 2 region for Protein Electrophoresis ( SPEP ) are high.

2. High IgG.

3. Low  IgM.

4. Negative result to Bence Jones Protein.

5.Glomerular Filtration Rate ( GFR ) study done along with Creatinine, BUN,Uric Acid and Serum Calcium.

6. High Beta 2 Microglobulin - Serum ( ELFA ).

7.Latest Haemoglobin Variant Analysis with RBC indices  showing Haemoglobin @6.30 and Haemoglobin F 7.4 ( High).No other Haemoglobin variants. 

8.Cataract in both eyes with no chance of Operation due to Low Haemoglobin. 

9.A quickly developing Hernia with no chance of Operation due to low Haemoglobin. 

10. Kidney Biomarkers showing elevation through CRP levels still under control.

11. As on June,2017 end his Haemoglobin stands @4.9.

Past Medical History : 

1. Pacemaker in Situ. 

2. Heart Ejection Fraction @ average 50% as per 2017 reports. 

3. Operation on circumcision around pennis. 

4. Prostatomegaly.Current  Free PSA + Total PSA values are available for clinical correlation. 

5. Old history of degenerative Arthritis. 

Details of the Medicine my father takes : 

A . Before Breakfast : 

i. Eltroxin 50 mcg (1 tab daily ) - Levothyroxine is a thyroid hormone supplement. 

ii.Pantocid DSR     (1 tab daily ) -  is a combination of 40 mg of pantoprazole sodium and 30 mg of domperidone. 

B. After Breakfast 

i. Lumina 6K ( Vitamin D Supplement 6 months course now 2 left ) - Once a month 

ii.Udiliv 300 (1 tab daily ) - Ursodeoxycholic acid tablets. 

iii.Nicostar 10 mg ( 2 tabs daily : 9am/9pm ) - Nicorandil 10 MG IV.Febutas  40 ( I tab daily for Uric Acid )

C. After Dinner  

i. Telma 40 mg ( 1 tab daily )  - Telmisartan tablets. 

ii. Rosuvas 5mg ( 1 tab daily )  - Rosuvastatin tablets. 

iii. Deplatt 75mg (1 tab daily)  - Clopidogrel 75mg tablets. 

iv. Szalato +0.5 mg ( 1 tab daily - Sleeping tablet at bedtime )  

I appeal to all of you to help me with this crowdfunding to allow me to treat him either in Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok,Thailand or Mayo Clinic in USA.

Look forward to your kind support please.

Regards & Best, 

Mrs.Bidisha Mukherjee & Raja Mukherjee 
Basona Apartments 
Flat B8 2nd Floor 
30 Nagerbazar Road 
Kolkata 700 074 
West Bengal 
India   :(+91 ) 9681122078


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