I need to raise money for my father's kidney transplant

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My father had a stroke all of a sudden and it left his right side of the body paralysed. When we took him to the hospital he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and the stroke was because of the kidney disease. We asked for the treatment procedure of the kidney. The doctors suggested that he must undergo dialysis for the rest of his life or a kidney transplant surgery. He has been undergoing dialysis  for a month now. But there are no signs of improvement.  We  used all our saved money for his treatment, and we don't have any money for the treatment. We need help to carry on his treatment and his kidney surgery. I know there are good people out there who are wealthy enough to help us, and donating a few bucks wouldn't  harm them. Please, help us. Please i need to save my dad. Please my father has ckd(stage 5).

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