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E-Commerce service provider

E-Commerce service provider

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jitu yadav
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jitu yadav
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The first reason to raise the fund is to bring the backward working household service professional and teach them the new way of working to increase  the economy from non working class to working class.

The second reason to raise the fund is to make the people aware about our platform as we can only do the limited marketing due to limited fund and to  bring the evolution in backward area and there peoples we require fund to make the better connectivity between the urban and developing rural area and then later on we can target to non developing rural areas.



Our project (OPASINDIA.COM) by its name we can understand that it is (one place all

solution India) with a vision to get the trust on our company it is been powered by


(OPASINDIA.COM) provides timely, trustworthy, affordable and secured service towards the

customers daily issues related to their house hold i.e. issues related to plumbing, electrician,

carpenter, beautician and other minor services.

(OPASINDIA.COM) is currently operating in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh known as city of Nawabs

as the cost of services are very high and then to the customer is not secure by the technician

who so ever is going to visit the house, keeping all these factors in mind is

providing a platform to customers to get rid of high cost and insecure services.

The platform provided by OPASINDIA.COM is beneficial in many ways as it is resolving the

customer day to day house hold issues , creating employment , contributing some effort

towards controlling crime and last but not least it is also contributing in upgrading the

society by making them tech savvy to make their life easy and feel secure.

The reason to power (OPASINDIA.COM) by (TAKSHAK TELECOM PVT LTD) is to build trust of

the customers on our company as (TAKSHAKTELECOM PVT LTD) is operating at pan India

level in telecom sector from last 8 years .


Lucknow Uttar Pradesh are:-

1) The services of electrician, plumber, carpenter are very costly at retail level in

lucknow as the technicians, beauticians they provide their own rates according to

their profit margins which becomes very costly for the customers hence in some of

the areas there services are very difficult to find due to which the rates of the

services goes very high and then to the people feel insecure in calling the technicians

at their place. has provided the platform to the peoples to get quick

resolution of their day to day household issues in affordable, convenient and secured


2) As lucknow is upgrading its self and converting into metro city due to which now the

society has started expecting the facilities like other metro cities, here is contributing to provide the necessary and secure services for

household issue by providing 24*7 secure service and customer support .

3) The people in Lucknow are not upgraded as compared to other metro cities so they

feel insecure in taking the services to some unknown personnel, to help these types

of customers has provided a platform to get the service done by

certified technician.

4) Taking into consideration one of the most common problem of molesting females

when they come out from the beauty parlour after getting groomed up. To resolve

these types of problem has provided in house beautician service for

females at affordable price and by imposing all the security measure that is to be

taken care by the service personnel.

5) Coming on to the problems faced by parents and grandparents who live away from

their young ones , if any house hold utility gets damaged then they do not have a

way out to get the resolution other than asking their young one to call upon the

person who is not even known to them and hence he will be very expensive and a

feel of insecurity will remain in their mind till the time technician goes out of the

house , here has resolved it by providing them the platform to call

upon the technician from a known place to get the work done in secured manner

and avail cheap rates.

Variable Costs AMOUNT

Marketing Materials 15,00,000

Salary 10,00,000

Transport costs 1,00,000

Other things 20,000

Variable Costs 26,20,000

Regular costs AMOUNT

Rent 30,000

Electricity, heat, water 10,000

Renovation and maintenance 10,000

Cleaning 1,500

Stationary telephone 5,000

Postage and charges 3,000

Mobile phone exp 30,000

Internet-connection 10,000

Web site subscription/hosting og upgrading 60,000

Meeting expenses 5,000

Insurances 1,00,000

Computer equipment 1,00,000

Accountant 50,000

Lawyer 30,000

Unsuspected costs 5% of costs 22,225

Total Regular Costs 4,66,725



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