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    Touched by the heart melting fact of our society, few of the youngsters came together to gather up courage to do something good for our Nation. Yogdaan Foundation is the result of their efforts and dream. Yogdaan foundation is an
organisation which is working on national level. The organisation is working with the objective of running welfare projects on children education, health care and providing livelihood to the poor and needy people. The organisation is working in the remote areas of the country so that they can spread happiness in the society. Keeping in mind the need of the education for the society the organisation is giving remarkable efforts for the children education in slums area. The organisation is encouraging youth to come up with the innovative ideas so that they can serve the nation with their unending energies.

      There are potential children in our society who are capable of becoming the responsible future of our country but not getting the opportunity to grow their intellectuals and learn education. Yogdaan Foundation is dedicated to provide literacy to these kinds of children and giving their remarkable contribution in shaping up the nation. There is also a poor segment of our society who is suffering from diseases and is not able to get good treatment because of their financial incapability. Yogdaan Foundation is helping people to get proper treatment for their diseases and coming back to their healthy forms.

Story Of Shivraj

C:\Users\lenovo\Desktop\Drawing\IMG_8927.JPG We are sharing one of story: one day a volunteer of yogdaan foundation has came with a child in our foundation, of age 13 year name Shivraj Joshi, later our Volunteer told us he is my building’s guard’s son who belongs from Nepal and new to India and our Volunteer admitted him to our NGO and we all took responsibility of him for admission in school after few days we are informed by volunteer he is suffering from severe headache. Next day we took him to government hospital, because Shivraj’s father does not understand local language of India so we has to present with them all the time including consulting doctor, check-up, purchasing medicines etc. and his treatment is going on. Now Shivraj is better than earlier and he spends most of the time with us. Now we want shivraj will go to a good school with good facilities and do not feel that he has come out of his country and is alone. We are greatly influence by Thomas Pane’s thought: “The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren and to good is my religion.

tory Of Himanshu Kumar

C:\Users\lenovo\Desktop\IMG_8961.JPG This story about Himashu Kumar. He is only 14 year old and he is suffering from brain tumor from last 5 month. His family financial background is not good. His father is labor who’s earned only 200 to 300 Rs per day, which is seasonal income only. They are belonging from Bihar. There is not any good medical facility for brain tumor that’s why dr. was referred his case to AIIMS Delhi. His father has to come in Delhi with Himanshu and admit him at AIIMS. He got the date of operation 27th April 2017. Dr. told to his father “There is some charge of operation” which is estimated 35000 to 40000 but they have no money. That’s why his operation date was canceled. In between our volunteer team is around of AIIMS and meets his father. His father told his story and his problem. And we made the idea that Yogdaan Foundation will help this child. Now yogdaan foundation help himanshu and his is admit at AIIMS 26 June 2017 for his treatment. We take all the responsibility of Himanshu.

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