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HOME of HOPE support the old age home - story -2

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Hope foundation was established as a charitable society in 1991. It is an independent a non-sectarian organization providing assistance to millions of needy people across the world.

We are operating in 28 cities in 13 states in India, with over 100 programs in a variety of areas of helping the poor through our education. Care (homes) training and health programs.

HOPE foundation works to change the lives of children, young people and vulnerable individuals through education, care, skill training and livelihood,

HOPE foundation has started old age home in Vasai Thane district 

We need funds to sustain Old age home started by Hope foundation at Vasai Mumbai.

At present we have 5 women and want to increase the count to 10 women.

The Home is a spacious three-bedroom facility with a well-stocked kitchen, a large hall with TV set and comfortable chairs and a garden at the front. The residents have complete care here – hot meals, clean clothes and bed linens, medicines and regular health check-up, yoga therapy and personal counselling.Our staff office people – three caretakers, a cook and a supervisor – work hard to ensue reach resident has personal care and attention. This has helped the women settle in more easily. They also enjoy recreational activities such as gardening and walks. We organize outings for the residents once a week. Often, we have volunteers coming in and spending time with them.

The Home has changed the lives of Rukmani (in picture above) and her fellow residents. Some smile more often now, some say they feel like their earlier happier self again.

You can give them a loving home, care and hope.

For more Information please visit -  www.hopefoundation.org.in 

Rukmani had not spoken a word in four years. That changed after she came to live with us.

HOME of HOPE support the old age home - story -2

Story of Rukmani.

Rukmani remembers very little of her life when she was younger except that she is from Firozpur in Punjab. When we started the Home of HOPE in Vasai, Thane in march 2017, She was one of our first residents. Before this the 62-year-old lived in a shelter for people who used to make a living from begging. 

The shelter was Rukmani’s home for four long years during which she lived a life far from idea. While she did not have to beg on the streets anymore, she slept in a tiny dormitory with 20 other women! Due to the massive volume of residents at the shelter, it was difficult to get personal care and attention. Rukmani had no friends and no one to talk to. She remembers always being lonely.

The day she arrived at our Home, Rukmani immediately warmed up the fact that she had her own bed in a bright . airy room with an attached bathroom. Instead of 20, she shared the room with just two other women. Initially she kept to herself, but with regular counselling, Rukmani started talking to us. This has slowly helped her cope with the trauma of her past. She has healthy, nutritious meals at our home, and any immediate medical care she needs.

Rukmani spends her time watching TV, she also likes to sit in the garden sometimes She has started interacting with the other residents like Sheela and Ranindra, all of whom have had similar experience ot abandonment an neglect, Rukmani says she likes living with us because she no longer feels alone. 

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