Kiranalaya - A Care home for the Aged in Bagepalli

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Hi everyone!


Greetings to all readers!


The Goal of this campaign is "to set up a Basic Care home for Senior citizens who are abandoned by their families, and left on the streets to struggle under poverty".


More than ever before,our Elders need attention and much needed care from us. Ask yourself this, when your children will also neglect you and think of abandoning you as unwanted people in your Old Age, where would we go?


Looking at the mass neglect of Older Adults in rural areas, our organization (SCAN-INDIA) is keen on eradicating this social hazard by setting up "Kiranalaya" for senior citizens in Bagepalli. 


The reason we chose Bagepalli is because of the deprived condition of Old aged men and women, who are frequently found wandering on the streets, crying for help and looking for compassionate eyes to depend on, contrary to the hateful gestures of passers-by.

As the theme says it all, we are centered at offering Eldercare facilities for Older adults in Bagepalli Taluk, located in Chikkaballapur District of Karnataka. 


ABOUT SCAN-INDIA: Society for Community Action Network-India has been serving the people of Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh for the past 20 years in various sectors like women empowerment, skills training of unemployed youth, healthcare services in backward villages especially HIV Aids health campaigns and awareness drives.


We intend to serve the poor, destitute and downtrodden section of society in order to improve their Quality of living and long-term sustenance.


SCAN-INDIA is determined to bring a change to the Aged population in Bagepalli because of the growing number of abandoned elders. Mostly they are found dumped on the roadsbegging for alms.They do not have anywhere or anyone to go to inspite of having adult children fully capable of taking care of them!

By establishing "Kiran",we desire to see an increase in the Life satisfaction of the Elderly.Basic needs like Balanced Nutrition, clothing, Age-friendly shelter and Healthcare facilities will be addressed through our devised Project strategy. 


TO SUSTAIN THE FUTURE OF "KIRANALAYA",an introduction of Income generating activities like Dairy farming,horticulture and handicrafts making will be organised under professional trainers and specialists.


This will insure the future of the inmates as they will live with dignity,privacy,safety and comfort for years to come...


We are overjoyed to work towards such a noble cause WHICH PASSES BY THE EYES OF MILLIONS OF INDIANS EVERYDAY in willful ignorance.


Aftehaving spent their entire lives and self earned income on their children, they look forward to a life of peace and comfort.Let's come together and make this effort a Charity Blockbuster in the cinema theaters of every SENIOR CITIZEN'S HEART!

"After all,to care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors" -  in the words of Tia Walker, an inspired Caregiver.


No DONATION IS BIG or SMALL ! YES! We all have our loans and EMIs..but even a little bit shared for the betterment of Old aged people will ensure one less abandoned elder off the streets of Bagepalli into the safe shelter of "KIRANALAYA".


Every contribution you make is a VALUED OFFERING when done from a cheerful heart.This is true when you will also see more coming to you as you decide to give to this noble cause.All donations will be treated with equal respect.Actually speaking,the current generation will also learn from this and pick up one useful habit, that will remind them of their responsibilities towards their elders.


Donate & God will bless you with increase in due season.


If you like this campaign,please Share the word and spread the news among your friends,colleagues and family members.


Thank you for your generous cooperation!


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