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Hi Friends, 

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world oldest ritual process  Kayakalpa in Hindu System of devotion and fellowship.

Kayakalpa is a lost heritage, has been used for re-establishing human body and mind without any medicinal support. It was based on rituals as per Hindu system of fellowship. The Kayakalpa is used as a preventive science for aging process and disease in general and is able to normalise any human conditions. The grate Indian philosophes are the part of the Kayaklpa .

 This is also used for eliminating disabilities and deformities. Mental retardation and physical disabilities have been removed through kayakalpa processes which are the conditions by modern medical system. As per the Kayakalpa terminology, disability shall be eliminated when it appear in the human body. Sage Kanada explained through his formula Vaiseshika suthra , human body is made with 9 substance and 17 attributes. Kaykalpa is facilitating situation to restore all those substance in its own attributes to the body. It was a ritual in ancient days to balance a body and mind. It laso was used for creating consciousness. Now all the disabilities are CONDITIONS, but  Kayakalpa eliminate this conditions perfectly .

But in kayakalpa there are no limitations for normalising all kind of human disability. This is a real solution for normalising human conditions with definite guide lines based on Hindu rituals. We were completed more than 3000 experiments and established theory and practical for teaching process .

This oldest knowledge is a practical one and it is a lost heritage. Now we are reintroducing it without losing the depth of application. The campuses are to facilitate opportunity for leaning this technical knowhow as per terminology of Gurukul system and free of cost. Through that it will be the solution for all human conditions like disabilities and deformities.

As part of the science and rituals, it is contended with sixty for kind of art  science. For the reimplementation process it need regenerate a large campus for establishing the practical guidelines for learners including hills and valleys, waterfalls, lakes and caves for technical reason.

It was the terminology teaches in ancient universities like Nalanda and Takshashila  during 5 to 500 BC. There are only few persons available in the world to know about this application. Most of the ancient Indian terminologies are not written properly, is passing to the next generation through the word of mouth. I wish to establish a Hindu Heritage campus to teach the rare and unwritten ancient knowledges to next generation as per the guru Kula system of teaching and practice. This is a process of reimplementation of the knowledge of sage Kaishapa and Kanada . The Kayakalpa is a medicine less ritual process with natural properties like different kind of gems and stones, pearls, fragrance from the nature and arranging.

The organising is the Kayakalpa doom is the most scientific matter connecting to the body. In ancient epics there many experiments is available to connecting this. I am practicing this technology since 1995 and more than 3000 individual from all part of the world used this facility(see one case of 15 days  presentationhttps://youtu.be/0pnZv_ChosY). It is a wonderful technology to normalise any human conditions like mental retardation, deformity etc. It is a natural application to control aging process and can solve  cancer, Alzheimer’s disease etc. This ancient process can be learned only through the real impact of the situations and no theory alone will work. Technically it is required non polluted area with free air, water and surroundings. The campus is intending to set with in an area of 100 to 500 acres in the state of Karnataka . It is totally free for teaching the Kaishapa theory of Kayakalpa and Kanada’s theory of Vaiseshika . Aiming to teach 100 students per year to exist the 4000 years old rare application of Hindu Science

This request your co-operation and participation for this venture ‘

Yogi Mohan

We are grateful for your help!

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