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I'm Tanya Baboo, I've recently been admitted into IIM Shillong for an MBA Program. I am looking to fund my post graduate program. The total cost of the program is Rs 19 Lakhs, inclusive of a China Internship, however I am seeking Rs 12 Lakhs as the remaining 7 Lakhs is being contributed through my parent's sources as a bit of my savings that I have been able to make over 4 years of work experience. 

On a personal front my father is 57 years old and financially  cash strapped as there is a home loan and my brother's education loan. My brother Chaitanya Baboo, has just completed his BTech in Aerospace from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Dehradun (2013-2017 batch). My mother, Archana is a school librarian and she is saddled with a personal loan taken for my brother's private hostel fees for the four years and a car loan for our car's loan.

Both my brother and I have had decent upbringing. I had made some savings during the past few months which was used to pay a confirmation fees of Rs. 1 lakh to IIM Shillong before 24th this month.

My Education and Career details: I finished my education from St. Francis College, in Hyderabad.  Being an accounts major with a keen sense of purpose I was recruited by Ernst & Young (EY) for their Risk Advisory Division.  Over a period of time I made a lateral shift to Deloitte and subsequently moved from Consulting to Industry, joining Facebook Inc.

Majority of my work experience has been with the IT Sector – understanding the insider’s view of the technology incubators, learning revolutionizing technologies ranging from enterprise software applications to price-per-click Internet advertising services. The experience has placed me in close contact with senior executives who share the story of my career aspirations as their own reality. The opportunity to interact with such innovative individuals has been an inspiration, and provided me a first-hand account of what qualities today’s entrepreneurial leaders possess.

My highest career aspiration is to have a successful company of my own. The experiences that I’ve been able to garner over a period of time, have taught me that, there is a plethora of choices that I can make- to have or call something - My Own. The ability to manage, a presence to inspire, charisma to lead, and fortitude to persist in the face of challenges- all of which have been a bedrock of my foundation in understanding Life as a whole. My desire to internalize these qualities is the catalyst that drives me to pursue a MBA with such conviction.

Please help me raise the required amount, so that I could be in a position to complete my education without having to be a burden on my already cash trapped parents. I am a hardworking person and also one of the reasons I have been able to covet an admission at IIM Shillong, please kindly help me, help myself achieve an education

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I am and will always be, grateful for your help!

Warm Regards, 


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