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Dear well- wishers of Shobana,

It has now been two years since Shobana’s accident. Due to your gracious support and, prayers and regular care by several medical professionals, we are pleased to report that there is a slight improvement in her progress.

 Below are some of the highlights of her progress :

- She is able to move with the help of a walker and some additional human support. Earlier, she was not able to do so due to the stiffness in one of her legs. The stiffness has reduced considerably.

- She is able to stand against a wall without help when positioned so.

- Earlier, she would need a lot of coaxing to elicit a response but now her responses to questions are prompt.

- With the help of an occupational therapist, she is now able to perform some basic tasks while lying on the bed.

- Her cognitive skills have improved tremendously and she is able to solve basic mathematical problems.

Below are some videos and pictures of her showing the progress she has made so far.

While the progress has been good we would still need to continue with intense physiotherapy and supplement that with speech and occupational therapy.

Thanking all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Shobana's family

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Shobana Santhanam was an active 34-year old woman. She was a talented singer, artist and bowler. She had a fulfilling job working for Kotak Mahindra Bank in India. But most of all she enjoyed her time with her family and taking care of them.

On October 1, 2015, Shobana’s was returning home from work on an auto rickshaw, when she was pulled by 2 men trying to take her purse. The accident resulted in severe injuries and 2 major brain surgeries, leaving her in the hospital for almost 4 ½ months. Today, almost 1 ½ years later, Shobana is progressing slowly with limited mobility and cognitive development. She requires assistance from various healthcare professionals and is under continuous care.

Shobana’s father died at a young age, when she was only in middle school. Her mother did not work but managed to educate both Shobana and her sister. Shobana received her MBA and continues to live with her mother.

This tragic accident has resulted in significant financial and emotional hardship for her family. As the Santhanam family has done so much for us, we are hoping we can do the same for them now in their time of need.

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