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My name is  ramanuj singh and I am raising funds for poor children of rural area.I have decided to provide all the materials for food, textiles, books and education through a tireless effort to improve the quality of the lives of the poor children of landless people of rural areas. Along with that, I have decided to lift their standard of living. There is no obstacle in the education of poor children.Arrangements of five teachers are very important so far only two teachers have made available. Number of children has gone up to 170 (one hundred and seventy) and the children of poor people of villages have to arrange to come and bring them to school, school bus is very important With the decision to educate all children , there is another plan i have made to reveal the talent of these children through game, but it is important to have a playground for this game, now it is necessary to manage the playground. It was not easy to decide to decorate it as a diamond, due to poverty,they got the greatest help in bringing education materials and sports material to school.I have organized awareness programs between these people in which children are distributed books, pens, clothes, sports goods (football,basketball,cricket,hockey etc).The have also organised the program every week to sharing the Daily needed things to these rular area people.We have attached this to the mainstream of the society and we have picked up their talent and power to ride them. Even if gentlemen like you get support then my dream will come true and their (rular area people) quality of life will improve. This is a section of society, I do not want to take the name of the caste because there is only one race of human beings that is only humanity. The way of living the lives of thesr poor is different,if i explain these all things in words the heartbeats will increase. Through the educated Economic Services Charity of Mahagirab,you invite all of you to cooperate with financial assistance. by donating in the service to the poor, with great grace to register your participation for the welfare of human life. I have taken the responsibility of making God's work successful only by becoming the medium and completing it in a good manner. There is a dire need for financial cooperation. Therefore, it is in tireless efforts to make this work successful by appeasing to you.Please help us raise the required amount by clicking on the donate button and/or sharing this fundraiser with family and friends.

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